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Sunday, January 27, 2013

100th Day of School

Our 100th day of school is on Feb. 5th..it is one of my favorite days of the year..so much fun!
I've created a fun and engaging little unit for my firsties..I'm sure they'll be over the top with excitement..I can't wait to show them!
Here are a few pages from the unit..
If you like what you see you can stop by my TpT store and snatch it up for $3..on sale for the first 24 hours. Or you can drop by my FB page and leave a comment for a chance to win it! ;)
If you stop by my store..be sure to download the preview for a fun freebie.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Most Random Post Ever

This might be the most random post ever..so I hope you hang with me..it is full of pics..because I'm a visual person..and that's just how I roll. ;)
First of all..I saw this floating around Pinterest..and thought it was the cutest thing ever..I managed to track down the original source..you can find it here. Mrs. Sandberg has the cutest anchor charts and art lessons. My littles needed a bit of help with verbs..so Vicky Verb came to their rescue! Thanks Mrs. Sandberg! 

So my firsties have been very busy learning all about MLK, Jr. They were in awe when they viewed Martin's Big Words..I even had a little say that it was so not fair the way some people were treated back then..and then they all said that MLK was a true hero..bless their hearts..they get it! 
If you're still in need of some fun MLK activities I have a nifty 'lil unit at my TpT store

Our district did not have the day off yesterday..but today we did..well let me rephrase that..the kids had a day off. Yes..classes were cancelled today..not because of freezing temperatures or anything..after all I do live in south Texas..nope cancellation was due to a water pipe problem. Due to a water pipe problem and the lack of water..classes were cancelled. 
So what does this mean? 
Teacher workday, of course! 
And let me tell 'ya..I was so productive..praise the Lord for the little things! Take a look at my day. ;)
Focus wall and centers were printed and laminated.
My sweet friend Alisha is creating this uber awesome unit..I really needed it ASAP and she sent it to me..just because she rocks like that! Love her!
All of this printing, laminating, more printing, and more laminating was done with music playing in the background..thanks to Pandora and my latest country crush. ;)

Pheeewww..wasn't that the most random post ever?! 
I'll leave you with another random pic..my cutie is obsessed with iFontMaker.
I can't wait to see her first font ever..I may even use it in one of my little units. ;)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Winner and Other Random Things

Hi everyone!
This weekend has been a bit difficult..my littlest little came down with the sickies..boo! Needless to say my regular weekend turned into an extended at home stay..we've been snuggling, watching tv, eating chicken soup and drinking lots of Gatorade. Hopefully tomorrow she'll be well enough to go to daycare and mommy will go back to work. Keeping fingers crossed.
In other news the random generator thingy made it's final decision on our winner.
Here she is:
You lucky girl, Kelly..you'll be receiving your packet later on this evening..congrats! 

I also want to show you what I've been working on..when littlest has been asleep. 
Hopefully it'll be completed this weekend..again..keep your fingers crossed! 
That's it for today..hope everyone has a great evening! 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Magical Product Swap #3

I'm sooooo excited because today I'm participating in Jessica's Magical Product Swap ...and I am swapping with the one and only Kelley Dolling from Teacher Idea Factory, she is so cute, funny and super sweet...LOVE her!
Sour Apple Studio
I use a lot of Ms. Kelley's units in my classroom..this week my kiddidles and I are IN LOVE with her Antonym Mittens...they're soooo stinkin' caaauuuute!! 
This little unit is packed with amazingness! 
Let me show you some of what's included. 
Mitten Match is the perfect activity to do in your small group. The students will love matching the mittens to form pairs of antonyms. 
What's My Opposite? can be used as a reteach activity in a whole class setting. Distribute the cards to your students then let them find their antonym pair...you can even ask them to do this in complete silence! So much fun!! My kids loved it...and they were so excited to find their partner. Absolutely one of my favorite activities. 
Fishin' for Antonyms is perfect for a class that loves Go Fish! Needless to say my class is cuckoo for this activity...they love playing Go Fish so when I introduced this activity in my small group they were so excited that they knew how to play this..and so was I! Made my teaching just a bit easier...thank you Kelley for making this fun activity! 
And this is not all that Kelley has included in her unit...she also has a mini-book, a cut-and-paste activity, an antonym search, and....wait for it....wait for it...a song by Ron Brown from Intelli-tunes!! 
My kiddos just about lost it when they heard the song...the tune is so catchy and fun! Love, love, LOVE it!! Thank you Mr. Brown for allowing Kelley to include it in her download...my kiddidles are in love with your song...and think you're even cooler than Justin Beiber!
If you like what you've seen so far...please visit Kelley at Teacher Idea Factory..and start following her blog..I'm sure you'll love her just as much as my class and I do..she's witty, smart, and full of awesome kid-friendly ideas that you'll absolutely adore! 
If you're interested in her Antonym Mittens Unit..click over to her TpT store..just be warned..you might find yourself filling your cart pretty quickly with all the cuteness she has to offer. ;)

Loved participating in this Magical Product Swap..hop on over to Mrs. Stanford's Class to see more awesome products from awesome teacher bloggers! 

Friday, January 11, 2013

Five for Friday

Today I'm linking up with Kacey...for Five for Friday. 
5 random things about my week...let's get started! :)

1. Started the new year with a bang and some rockin' resolutions. 
2. My struggling littles have been having a blast with these awesome interventions...I blogged about them here.
3. I'm lovin' my new January door...inspired by Kacey and created by my awesome parent volunteer. He's a little annoyed because he dislikes the cold weather as much as I do..I know..super weird I tell 'ya. ;)
4. My sweet 3 year old is getting so good at drawing pictures...this is her latest one. LOVE! 
5. And finally..this is my favorite picture this week..my beautiful girls cuddling..oh so sweet! 

I'm off to drink some tea, snuggle on the couch with my little..and watch some t.v. 
Happy Friday! :)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

RTI: Phonemic Awareness

I have a couple of littles that are struggling so much with phonemic awareness...they're just not used to playing with sounds, they're unaware that sounds can be manipulated..sometimes it seems like they can't hear the beginning sound..sometimes it's the ending..and don't get me started with rhyming! Ohgoodnessme..rhyming is soooo hard for one little in particular.

A while back I voiced some concern over this itsy bitsy problem..and lo and behold sweet Amanda Richardson from Mrs. Richardson's Class..came to the rescue and sent me the most amazing packet to help out my littles...isn't that sweet?! Here it is organized in my pretty pink binder...my little that's struggling with rhyming is loving the activities...I like this packet so much that I decided to give Amanda a shout out!

Take a look at all the things she has included:

This wonderful tool is meant to help the classroom teacher easily organize their intervention activities and data keeping. Amanda has included a variety of interventions, assessments, and data sheets to keep you organized. I personally used the assessment provided as a pre-assessment..I documented where my littles are at this time..I've been providing interventions based on their needs and then will reassess in two weeks. I'm hoping that these interventions will help..so far they're loving the little songs and the fun activities. I {puffy} heart that all of the data sheets are provided..it'all combined together in one little package..and as a
Texas teacher I'm lovin' that the activities are aligned with the TEKS..score!

The pictures above show you just the rhyming area in my binder...I keep all intervention activities in sheet protectors or in the small brown envelopes for easy handling. The following list is what's included in the rest of the packet.

Phonemic Areas Addressed:
Syllable Segmentation
Beginning Sounds
Ending Sounds
Medial Sounds
Blending Onset-Rime
Phoneme Blending
Deleting Phonemes
Segmenting Phonemes

Included are:
21 intervention activities (3 for each area addressed)
9 easy data recording sheets (1 for each area addressed)
9 assessments (1 for each area addressed)
9 explanation pages (1 for each area addressed)

If you're interested in Amanda's neat little packet...you can find it here.
Amanda is so sweet..she is giving the complete First Grade RTI: Phonemic Awareness packet  to one of you!
All you have to do is stop by her little blog..and start following her, then come back and leave a message here on this post..don't forget to leave your email addy. I'll choose a winner on Sunday.
Good luck! 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Winter Centers and More!

After almost a year of procrastinating I have finally bundled my Winterland Math and Literacy Centers...you can find them here.
I have been busy printing and prepping them so that my littles can use them next week...I remembered to take a picture of each center so that you could see everything that is included.
ABC Order
Long and Short Vowel Sort
Antonyms Center
Addition Sort
Students will sort the addition sentences under the correct heading. 
Even and Odd Fun
Students will match the card to the correct even or odd snowflake. 
Skip Counting by 5's

I'm so excited..I'm almost done prepping all the centers for next week..can't wait for my firsties to start using them again. :)

This week we have been having so much fun learning all about Chinese New Year
On Monday, we discussed the different ways we celebrate the New Year in America...we wrote some rockin' resolutions, and had a blast talking about our own celebrations. Yesterday, we watched a Chinese New Year video on Discovery Education, we read our Chinese New Year Class Book using our Elmo, and briefly went over the vocabulary found in my mini-unit. 
Today, we created a Venn Diagram to compare the Chinese New Year to the American New Year..my kiddos were so involved with this activity, it was tons of fun to watch! Loved every minute of it!
Tomorrow we'll be reading our mini-books and finishing a writing activity. On Friday, we'll most definitely make a fun craftivity to celebrate all the things we have learned this week! So excited!
Chinese New Year is not until February..but we had so much fun learning all about it this week..we can't wait to actually celebrate it soon!

Do you plan to teach about Chinese New Year? If so I'd love to know about it!

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

P.S. Please stop by my FB page..for a little surprise! :)

Monday, January 7, 2013

Rockin' It Out in 2013

My friend Cheryl at Primary Graffiti posted about her littles' Rockin' Resolutions here...so stinkin' adorable...I had to have my kids make them too! ;)

Aren't they cute?!
Loved..the way they came out..my firsties are ROCKIN' for sure!
 Thanks Cheryl, for the cute idea. :)
If you're interested in the little guitars..you can find them at Dots-n-Spots TpT Store.
So stinkin' cute..seriously! And they are free!!
Thanks so much, Dots-n-Spots!

My firsties and I had a great first day back...looks like 2013 is going to be rockin'! 

Friday, January 4, 2013

Winter Break is Over

Winter break is almost over...so sad.
I loved spending time with my family and not worry about school stuff for a few days..now that I'll be returning back to work on Monday, say what?! Yes, Monday..I need to get in gear and start prepping some cute activities for my littles.
This is what I worked on during those PJ days I had during my winter break..in between Wii playing and rockin' it out at Just Dance 4..I created these two little units.
Here's a little preview of what's inside...
I'm sure my firsties will be thrilled to learn all about Chinese New Year! 
So excited to introduce this unit to them!
And of course I LOVE teaching about Martin Luther King, Jr. so I also created this little ditty for my firsties. 
Both units have vocabulary cards that can be used to introduce the unit to your littles, graphic organizers, a mini-reader, writing activities, literacy centers, and much more! 
If you're interested...you can find them at my TpT store

Some of the graphic elements that I used in these two products were created by these wonderful ladies.     
Alisha and Sandra are super cute and fun! If you don't know them..please hop to their blogs and start following...they are truly amazing! 

As always, I'll be giving away a copy of the Chinese New Year Unit to the first two comments...but don't fret if you're not quick enough...I'm also giving away two on my TIHH FB page make sure you go over, like, and leave a comment for your chance to win. 
That's it for now...I hear a pile of laundry screaming calling my name..as much as I'd like to ignore it..I think we're running out of clean clothes to wear. ;) 
Until next time, toodles!