Sunday, March 24, 2013

Super Sleuths

Hi everyone!
I finally finished my newest mini-unit
If you like what you see I'm giving away one of these units on my FB page..please click on over, like my page, and leave me some love!
As always though..the first two people to comment will get it here for free...don't forget to leave your email addy. :)
Until next time, toodles!


Mrs. Phillips said...

This looks fabulous !!! Lindsey -

Angie Henry said...

I saw this on fb. Thanks for the second chance!

thepolkadotowl said...

Fabulous as always :)

jivey said...

This looks absolutely adorable!! :)
ideas by jivey

Rachel Seymour said...

That looks so cute! Your stuff is always great! :)


Special Teacher for Special Kids said...

Super cute! I tried to win on your fb!

I added it to my wishlist... Because my luck has been really bad this week

Thanks dor the chance

Bridget S said...

Love it!!!! I love the detective theme (and kids do too!) :)


Debbie said...

This looks fabulous!

Rachelle said...

So cute!!!!! Love it, girl!

Rachelle said...

So cute!!!!! Love it, girl!

Moon said...

Hi,I want be you friend. May I?

Mrs.LaSota's Blog said...

This looks SUPER cute! I need to go check it out... immediately! I'm back to school tomorrow and feel like I need something fun and cute to get the kiddos and myself throught the first day back!

Michelle McElhinny said...

This is absolutely ADORABLE!! Another great product!!

Our Sweet Success

Stephanie Ann said...

I just found out yesterday that I get to move to a great new school in our district teaching kindergarten from third grade. I'm nervous since all I've ever taught was 2nd-4th but so excited for this new journey. I'm your newest follower and am in the process of switching my blog name from Sparkling in Third Grade to Sparkling in Kindergarten. I look forward to learning from you and all your great ideas as well as getting to know you better.

Stephanie Ann
Sparkling in Third Grade