Friday, January 4, 2013

Winter Break is Over

Winter break is almost sad.
I loved spending time with my family and not worry about school stuff for a few that I'll be returning back to work on Monday, say what?! Yes, Monday..I need to get in gear and start prepping some cute activities for my littles.
This is what I worked on during those PJ days I had during my winter between Wii playing and rockin' it out at Just Dance 4..I created these two little units.
Here's a little preview of what's inside...
I'm sure my firsties will be thrilled to learn all about Chinese New Year! 
So excited to introduce this unit to them!
And of course I LOVE teaching about Martin Luther King, Jr. so I also created this little ditty for my firsties. 
Both units have vocabulary cards that can be used to introduce the unit to your littles, graphic organizers, a mini-reader, writing activities, literacy centers, and much more! 
If you're can find them at my TpT store

Some of the graphic elements that I used in these two products were created by these wonderful ladies.     
Alisha and Sandra are super cute and fun! If you don't know them..please hop to their blogs and start following...they are truly amazing! 

As always, I'll be giving away a copy of the Chinese New Year Unit to the first two comments...but don't fret if you're not quick enough...I'm also giving away two on my TIHH FB page make sure you go over, like, and leave a comment for your chance to win. 
That's it for now...I hear a pile of laundry screaming calling my much as I'd like to ignore it..I think we're running out of clean clothes to wear. ;) 
Until next time, toodles!


Andi said...

This looks awesome. Love it!

Kiah said...

How cute! Love the activities!


Meridith said...

Love your stuff! I myself can no longer let the laundry go either. Who knew 4 people could use so much clothing in a week? Happy New Year!

kinderdiva said...

love both of these! Especially all te vocab cards - would be awesome with my EL firsties. :) Happy teaching!!

Mallory said...

My in-laws currently live in Asia! My littles are pen pals with my MIL and will be getting a package soon to decorate the room for Chinese New Year! How perfect!

Sarah Paul said...

These both look fantastic! This is motivating me to start planning for January. :)
Sarah's First Grade Snippets

Raye said...

I go back on Monday and I am STILL procrastinating on the stuff I brought home and need to do!

Sandra said...

Love your newest packs! Amazing like always! Thanks for the shout out, sweet friend!!

Mrs. Lofgren said...

Happy New Year and good luck next week! It is so hard to get back into gear after enjoying break so very much!!! I LOVE your Chinese New Year set!!! :)


Elizabeth said...

Thank you for those cute ideas! I am a new blogger and would love to get my name out there in the teacher blogging world. I am a K teacher right outside of Nashville (Franklin). I am having a difficult time tapping in and friending other teacher bloggers :) Any advice/shout outs would be tremendously appreciated!
Thanks so much!
Elizabeth Hall

Mrs. Saoud said...

Love, Love, Love!!!

Lisa Mattes said...

These are so amazing, Gladys! As always, though.

Hugs - Lisa
Growing Firsties

Linda said...

Oh my gosh, what adorable units!
I wish I taught first grade!

Jess said...

Your MLK unit looks awesome and might be just what we need to that short week! Thanks for creating!
Rambling About Reading

Miss DeCarbo said...

LOVE your Chinese New Year unit! It looks so cute! :)

Sugar and Spice

Alisha Colon said...

These packets are awesome! I'm defintely picking up the Peace & Dreams packet for my firsties!

I'm your newest follower! Your blog is so cute!

Alisha Colon
First Grade Follies

Foxwell Forest said...

Don't you just love PJ days! Yay for break! Your new units look adorable!! You always make great covers too! And now I have 2 new blogs to follow! Thanks for sharing!

First Grade in Foxwell Forest

Annie Moffatt said...

Gladys!! Can you say CUTE, CUTE, CUTE??? Wow! LOVE these!!
The Moffatt Girls

Miss Eshbaugh said...

Thank you so much for all of your hard work! I am so excited to use both of these this year!!! Yay! :-)

Karen Rowland said...

Hey, I just gave you a shout-out on my blog! Check it out and thank you so much for putting together such a great packet!

Karen Rowland
Adventures With Firsties

Haley said...

That MLK unit was probably my favorite thing I have ever bought off of TPT. I just had to read a few picture books, use the unit, and BAM! my littles knew all about him!! :)