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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Most Random Post Ever

This might be the most random post ever..so I hope you hang with me..it is full of pics..because I'm a visual person..and that's just how I roll. ;)
First of all..I saw this floating around Pinterest..and thought it was the cutest thing ever..I managed to track down the original source..you can find it here. Mrs. Sandberg has the cutest anchor charts and art lessons. My littles needed a bit of help with verbs..so Vicky Verb came to their rescue! Thanks Mrs. Sandberg! 

So my firsties have been very busy learning all about MLK, Jr. They were in awe when they viewed Martin's Big Words..I even had a little say that it was so not fair the way some people were treated back then..and then they all said that MLK was a true hero..bless their hearts..they get it! 
If you're still in need of some fun MLK activities I have a nifty 'lil unit at my TpT store

Our district did not have the day off yesterday..but today we did..well let me rephrase that..the kids had a day off. Yes..classes were cancelled today..not because of freezing temperatures or anything..after all I do live in south Texas..nope cancellation was due to a water pipe problem. Due to a water pipe problem and the lack of water..classes were cancelled. 
So what does this mean? 
Teacher workday, of course! 
And let me tell 'ya..I was so productive..praise the Lord for the little things! Take a look at my day. ;)
Focus wall and centers were printed and laminated.
My sweet friend Alisha is creating this uber awesome unit..I really needed it ASAP and she sent it to me..just because she rocks like that! Love her!
All of this printing, laminating, more printing, and more laminating was done with music playing in the background..thanks to Pandora and my latest country crush. ;)

Pheeewww..wasn't that the most random post ever?! 
I'll leave you with another random pic..my cutie is obsessed with iFontMaker.
I can't wait to see her first font ever..I may even use it in one of my little units. ;)


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