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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Happy Fall Sale!

To celebrate the beginning of the fall season...and to show all of you readers my appreciation for all the sweet comments and emails you send my way..I am throwing a "Happy Fall TpT Sale"!
All items are on sale at my TpT store. Please stop by and shop 'till ya drop. ;)
Happy Saturday! 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sound Charts

Happy Sunday!
Stopping by really quick to let y'all know that I have just completed some Sound Charts , I'm super excited because these will be of incredible value to my 'lil firsties learning those oh so difficult sounds.
Here's a little preview of what's included:
Anywho...if you want to get your own copy...you can find them here on sale for $2. They'll go back up to their regular price at midnight...so take advantage! ;) As always the first 2 people to comment will get these charts for free...don't forget to leave your email addy.
 I'm off to spend my day watching this 'lil darling get her game on.
Have an awesome fall day!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Mother's Cure Fundraiser

My good friend Alisha over at The Bubbly Blonde Teacher has a childhood friend that has just been diagnosed with stage 3 of Hodgkins Lymphoma Cancer.
This is Tiffany with her darling little girl Emma.
Alisha being the smartie that she is..began brainstorming ideas on how to help this family out with medical and day-to-day bills. Well, she came up with this fantastic solution! We all have a chance to help out with this amazing fundraiser...anyone who makes a $20 donation will in turn receive a huge package of some awesome products donated by some super talented {and incredibly generous} teachers. The package you will receive is worth over $200! What an amazing opportunity to help someone in need while getting some great products yourself!
For more information on how to help and give your donation please click on the "Show Some Random Love" button below.
Thank you for your donations! :)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Random Stuff

Yesterday I had to stay home with my littlest little..turns out that she got sick..and required extra cuddle time with mommy. Poor baby..bless her heart..she slept most of the day and ate very little. Hopefully today..she'll wake up feeling much better.
So while little was on the couch..sleeping..I remembered some photos I took of some random classroom happenings..here they are in no specific order.
We've been using our math manipulatives and math tubs a lot..at the end of our math time..I usually give my kiddidles a few minutes of free exploration..I can see some learning going on..can you?
We started our poetry journals..last week..and this is how we usually decorate the cover of our journals..stickers make my firsties happy! I forgot to take a picture of our first two poems..dang it! But maybe next week..if I remember to take pics..I'll write a post on how we do poetry journals in our classroom.
I don't think I've shown you a picture of our outside bulletin board..this is what it looks like..at the moment it has flower poms amongst the leaves, giving it a 3D effect..love it! I plan on changing it according to the seasons..or holidays..but it'll be up there all year long..hopefully.
 I had to take a picture of my teamies focus wall..she used my supplemental unit for Journeys, Lesson 1{What is a Pal}...doesn't it look great?! Thanks, Gloria!
At the very top you get a glimpse of the Black and White Alphabet and Number Cards..that I have for sale in my TpT store, you can also find them here at my TN shop.
That's it for this week's randomness..I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I'll never forget this day...never.
The images of these events will stay with me forever.
America..the land of the free and the home of the brave.
We're so blessed to live in such a great country.
May we always remember..may we never forget.


Monday, September 10, 2012

Classroom Pics 2012-2013

I'm finally sitting down to post some pictures of my classroom set up for this year. Pheeeww! The first two weeks of school have been crazy busy...my sweet class has had to put up with all the craziness of the beginning of year...but they're troopers all 22 of them..and they are absolutely fantabulous!
Okay..so without further delay here are my classroom pics..
small group table..and part of classroom library..this is where the magic happens. ;)
another angle..here you can see the bulletin board that will be full of reading anchor charts..once we get started on those important reading strategies. I {puffy} heart my numbers with 10 frames..it's a great visual for my little firsties.
my dots on chocolate calendar set is awesome! My whole group area is in front of this white board..{no smartboard for this teacher..yet..boo!} but unfortunately I forgot to take a picture {double boo!}
Christie's good listening rules are in my whole group area..my firsties recite them every morning during our morning meeting..and y'all they really help with their behavior on the rug!
Thanks, Christie!!
I'm in love with that "Reading is a Hoot!" bulletin board...can you spot the dots on chocolate border? I'm obsessed..I tell 'ya! ;)
computer center..with more owl decor.
listening center..I want one of those chevron rugs..that my bestie Alisha snagged up at Big Lots for this area..if only we had a Big Lots in my tiny town..{sigh!}
word work center..as you can see from my alphabet  I am OBSESSED with chevron..lovely!
I'm also thinking a small rug in this area would complete the look..though I love my concrete floor..it's hard and cold for my littles.
my writing center bulletin board..looking fabulous thanks to Creative Teaching Press, Cara, and Lindsey. A humoungous thanks goes out to all of them..they make my life as a first grade teacher..a little bit easier. ;)
I {puffy} heart my classroom...and I know that lots of learning will take place within these four walls..I hope that everyone has a FABULOUS school year!
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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Labor Day Sale!

Hip, hip hooray...I survived the first week of school! Thankfully we have a loooong weekend to recuperate from the craziness of that 1st week..y'all know how that is, right?!
Anywho..in honor of my survival and Labor Day..I'm having a 'lil sale..starting this evening and ending tomorrow at midnight. Hope everyone has a fantabulous weekend! Ciao!
a big thank you goes out to Miss Kindergarten for this uber cute sale button!