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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Giant TpT Sale!

Hey y'all! 
I'm sure all of you have heard of TpT's Ginormous Sale...I mean who hasn't?!
I know I have my cart full of the uber cute units I've had my eye on for a while. :)
Reagan  and Farley are hosting an awesome linky party for the sale.I've already linked up my store..have you?
 Last time I checked there were 192 stores linked up...yikes! 
I may have to hide this sale from my hubby. 
Shhhh...don't tell, 'kay?;)
So everything in my store will be on sale for 20% off but if you use code L2P96 TpT will give you an extra 10% off...for a total of 28%. 
Remember that this sale will only last 1 day...so get your shop on and go fill up those carts! 

I'm so excited to tell you that I have finished 
this little mini-unit just in time for the sale!
Here is a preview of all the goodies you can find inside. 
I hope you go and check it out! 
As always the first 2 people to leave me a comment  will receive my newest unit for free!
Don't forget to leave your email address!

P.S. I also have these items on sale at my TpT store!

Tomorrow we'll be celebrating my son's 12th birthday...{yes, my special boy is a leap year baby!}
My hubby and I can't wait to give him his surprise! 
In his honor..I will be having a little surprise for you too..I hope you stop by tomorrow to find out what it is! 
Until then, toodles!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Teacher Feature

Hi friends..I hope everyone is having a great weekend...I know I sure am! 
Yesterday our school participated in our annual UIL competition...this was the 34th year participating in this event..this is some serious stuff, y'all! And I couldn't be prouder of my two little contestants! I'm the UIL coach for Storytelling at my school...which is an event only for 2nd and 3rd grade...well my 2nd grade contestant got 6th place..which is really good considering it's a district wide competition. But my 3rd grader got 1st place!! This is the 2nd year in a row that she takes the 1st place...last year she also got 1st place as a 2nd grader...I am so proud of my little one! I've been coaching her since she was in 1st grade and it's been an amazing ride...she's grown up so much and is a wonderful storyteller...I wish y'all could see her...she's AMAZING! I'm also a little sad because this was her last year with me...next year she'll be participating in Oral Reading which is an event for 4th-6th grade students..bittersweet, I tell 'ya. So as you can see it's been a hectic weekend so far..but today is another day. :)

Ok..so that's it for my weekend adventures..today I'll be staying home..catching up on blog stalking, Pinterest, and oh yeah lesson plans and grades...can't forget those things! Oh, the life of a 1st grade teacher...is so exciting!
Don't think for a minute that I've forgotten about my Teacher Features though..again..life got CRAZY busy this past week..so I"m having it to do on a Sunday..but no worries..I picked two super cute ladies to feature..their blogs are awesome..you'll be so glad you stopped by to check them out!

Here we go!
First is Chistina from Second Grade Sugar and Spice
Christina is in her 4th year of teaching, she taught 2 years in 1st and is now in her second year in 2nd grade. She loves sharing ideas and activities with other teachers and adores creating classroom themes. 
This year Christina has a Candyland theme in her classroom...how fun is that?!?
This Candyland board is what her students use to master their math facts. When a student passes their timed test for the level they are on, they move up the Candyland board. Each time a student passes a landmark on the gameboard they receive a reward. Christina does an amazing job in motivating her little ones to master those facts as quickly as possible..and talk about differentiation..her students are moving up at their own pace. Love this idea!
This is Christina's cute Candyland Writing Board. As her students move through the writing process, they move their gumball to show which stage they are on...at a glance she knows exactly where her students are and what they should be doing..definitely a great management tool!
Christina also loves sharing freebies with other teachers..here are 2 cute printables I found perfect for this week of all things Dr. Seuss. 

Please stop by Second Grade Sugar and Spice to find more cuteness, and while you're there..don't forget to follow! 

Second is Sandra from Sandra's Savvy Teaching Tips
Sandra is a Canadian teacher in Vancouver, she has been teaching for 19 years and is currently teaching 2nd grade. She also loves paper crafting and has been doing this for many years...you can definitely tell her love of crafting by the artwork projects she has her students do in her classroom...take a looksie. 
Aren't these amazing?!? Wow!
Please stop by Sandra's blog for more cute and savvy teaching tips...and don't forget to follow!
That's it for today peeps...if you want to be featured here on Teaching in High Heels shoot me an email to let me know. :)
Until next time, toodles!


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Help Wanted

Hey y'all!
So I know it's still officially winter...but here in South Texas...it's the start of softball, baseball, and other spring sports..and y'all know what that means, right? That means this momma/teacher is going to be super duper busy! Add to that busy schedule..Texas Public Schools Week (March 5-9), open house, parent/teacher conferences, and other miscellaneous STAAR and TELPAS trainings...pheeww...I'm getting tired just thinking about it! PTL we have Spring Break right after that madness..it'll probably take me the entire week just to recover! 
Anywho...this is where you my lovelies come in...
I know that I'll be super busy with all of the activities going on in the month of March...and even though I can juggle several things at once 
(most of the time)...I'm no super teacher, super mom, or super anything...nope...not this little lady!
So I've been thinking of a plan..I mean really thinking..because the last thing I want to do is neglect my pretty little blog..and then..light bulb moment! I remembered how successful my guest bloggers were last year and decided why not try it again?! 
If you are interested in guest blogging on my 'lil ole blog...please shoot me an e-mail. I will be taking 10 guest bloggers for the month of March...so please contact me asap...if you know you want to be a guest blogger here on Teaching in High Heels.

As a guest blogger I would love to have you share your teaching adventures, lesson planning, classroom organizing, center activities, or whatever else strikes your fancy!
 In the post you can link back to your own blog...so that my readers can go to your blog and read more about you. 
Fun, right?!
I hope someone out there will be willing to guest blog...here in my little corner of blogosphere. 
If you are...please let me know as soon as you can..I’ll confirm if I can run your post and let you know when to expect it.
Thanks to all who wish to contribute!!

P.S. If you are interested in being featured on
Teacher Feature Thursday..please email me at teachinginhighheels(at)gmail(dot)com. ;)


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Teacher Feature..on a Sunday

Hi y'all!
I hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend..I so wish I had a 3 day weekend like the rest of America...but as it turns out I don't..so off to work I go tomorrow..on President's Day. Oh well..Spring Break is just around the corner...or so I keep telling myself. ;)
Anyway onto today's teacher feature...
First is Sarah from Sarah's First Grade Snippets
Sarah is a sweet first grade teacher, mommy, and blogger. She has wonderful and cute ideas and is oh so generous in sharing tons of freebies on her blog. 
One of my favorite freebies is this Presidential Mini-Unit that I found. It is 24 pages full of awesomeness!

I absolutely adore this anchor chart!
Sarah also has lots of resources for sale at her TpT Store...these are a couple that I'm putting on my wishlist.
Aren't they cute?!
Oh and let me leave you with this picture of her awesome kid-made bulletin board. 
Perfect for a nutrition unit...don't 'ya think?
Please visit Sarah's blog for more ideas and inspiration...and don't forget to follow her!

Next we have Rachel from Ms. Rachel's Room.

Rachel is a sweet Special Education teacher and blogger. She has an uber cute blog and has lots of wonderful ideas. I love these cute Dr. Seuss Background Papers that she created...so cute and colorful!

You can find these papers at her TpT store..as a freebie! I know that I'll definitely be using them to create a cute Dr. Seuss center or something. :)
While you're at her store...check out her St. Patrick's Day Craftivity, at a $1.50..it's a steal!
For more cute ideas visit Rachel's blog and while you're there..don't forget to follow. 

Okay...that's it for tonight..I'm off to fix my school bag and prepare for tomorrow. 
Enjoy your extra day off...if you have one...if you're like me and you have to work tomorrow...no worries..it'll be a great day! ;)


Saturday, February 18, 2012

Lucky Leprechauns Dolch Phrases

Hi y'all! 
Just a quick post to let 'ya know that I have finished my Lucky Leprechauns Dolch Phrasesyou can find them at my TpT store...I hope you take a looksy! My kiddos love using these flashcards to practice their fluency...they even time themselves..too cute and so much fun!
As always the first 2 people to comment will get these for free!
I'll be back tomorrow with my Teacher Feature Thursday that I missed this week. 

Hope everyone is enjoying their evening! 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Love this Pencil Sharpener!

So not too long ago I contacted Troy to see if I could test his sharpener in my classroom. You guys...my little firsties go through pencils like there is no tomorrow! We used to have a shmancy fancy pencil sharpener...a $300...pencil sharpener...it didn't last very long...I don't know what it is with my first graders and sharpeners...they just don't get along...and sadly..pencil sharpeners just end up dying in my classroom! So unfortunate, I know! 
I got so tired of it one day that I came to the conclusion...my kiddos had to bring their own sharpeners and sharpen their own pencils...let me tell 'ya...NIGHTMARE!! Thank goodness Troy has allowed us to try his uber cool sharpener in our little classroom...and y'all..I am impressed! 

Here are some of the things I REALLY like: 
1. It truly lives up to its name...it is most definitely the quietest classroom pencil sharpener I have come across.
2. It is super easy to use...even my little ones were able to use it!
3. It makes THE sharpest point I have ever seen with any pencil sharpener..it even sharpens those cheap dollar store pencils! I hate writing with a dull pencil...so this is perfect!
4. It can be mounted or not...it's up to you.
5. Super easy to clean...love!
6. Blades are replaceable...if ever need be. 

This is what it looks like...cute, huh?
If you are interested in getting one of these lovely sharpeners click here or the picture below. 

It's only $19.95 and totally worth it! Plus it's free shipping!

Thanks Troy...for creating such a wonderful classroom tool! 

Disclaimer: I received this product free of charge in exchange for an honest review and opinion. The opinions expressed in this post are my own and have not been influenced by the company or the free product provided.  :)


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Reading Graphic Organizers

Just a quick post to let y'all know that I have finally uploaded my Reading Graphic Organizers for Little Learners to my TpT store

It took me FOR.EVA to upload this evening...but it's finally there! 
It will be on sale for 50% off until midnight...along with my V-day stuff..so you might want to take a peek at that too! 

The first 2 people to leave a comment will receive this for free...just don't forget to leave your email address. 
Everyone enjoy the rest of your evening! 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Currently {February}

Today I am linking up with Farley for her Currently...February.
Join the linky party by visiting her blog below...

In other news...I am also currently having a little sale in my TpT store...just in time for V-Day!
You will find the following items on sale for $1.50...that's 50% their original price..pretty cool, huh?!
The sale will only last for 24 hours..so I hope you take advantage!
I'll be back tomorrow with some fun stuff...until then...toodles! ;)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Teacher Feature Thursday :)

Happy Thursday, everyone!
I'm so excited to be featuring some fabulous blogs today! 

Randi is a sweet 1st grade teacher in North Carolina and the blogger over at:

Teach It With Class
Randi just recently got a blog makeover and her new button is precious...love that cute little bird!
Speaking of love...I also adore her classroom...the organization, the colors, and her love for owls..makes my heart pitter-patter! Those are some lucky kiddos she teaches..take a look for  yourself. 

Isn't her room adorbs?! 

Randi also loves to share freebies both on her blog and on her TpT store...these are just a few of my favorite. 
Make sure to go and visit Randi over at Teach It With Class...so you can grab those cute little freebies!
I also have to mention that she has a totally adorable unit just perfect for the month of February.
Too cute, huh?! 
Click here..to purchase it from her TpT store. 

Next, is Kelli the blogger over at Castles and Crayons. Kelli is a sweet 1st grade teacher in Birmingham, Alabama...she loves crafting, cinnamon rolls, monograms, life in the South, and all things PINK! Goodness gracious...I love all those things myself! 

Castles and Crayons

Kelli is the queen of organization...take a look at her fabulous classroom!
Isn't her room...precious!?! Makes me want to have a jungle theme in my classroom soon! Ha!

Kelli is one of those teachers that loves to share freebies with her followers...so hop on over to her blog to grab this Mystery Word Activity

Okay folks...that's it for this evening...remember to stop by Castles and Crayons and Teach It With Class    to learn more about these amazing teachers. 

I hope y'all are enjoying these Teacher Feature posts...remember if you want to have your own blog featured here on Teaching in High Heels..shoot me an email.

Until next time, toodles!