Teaching in High Heels

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I love Valentine's Day! 
The flowers, the chocolate, the sweet cards...awww...love, love, LOVE!

In honor of this sweet little holiday...I created these Sweet Dolch Phrases for my adorable Firsties..the English version has been uploaded to my TpT store...the Spanish version will be available tomorrow. 

And just because I love y'all...this little packet will be available for a $1 for the next 24 hours! So hurry and grab it before it goes back to regular price. :)

In other news...I know I've been tagged more than a few times (I wasn't quick enough for some of these ladies...thanks AlishaSandra, MaryDelighted, and Gina!) So I'll be posting the answers to those intriguing questions...soon...pinky promise!

One last thing...please keep me in mind tomorrow...I have my formal observation during my ESL time...we'll be doing some cute Groundhog activities that have been floating around blogland...can't wait to get this over with, and blog about it! ;)

Enjoy the rest of your evening!

Sunday, January 29, 2012


For the next 10 hours (or longer..who knows?!) I will be having a sale at my TpT  store...you will be able to get any or all of my products for $1 each...woohoo!

What are we celebrating? 
Y'all of course! 
I have the greatest, most awesome followers in the world!
I love y'all...and I can't get enough of your sweet comments...this is my way of showing my appreciation. 
Thanks a bunch!

So I hope you take advantage and stock up...the sale won't last long!

This is what you can find in my store...I hope you likey, like!

English Version
 Spanish Version

Ok that's it...I hope you take advantage and shop 'till you drop! ;)
Until next time, toodles!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

What I'm Loving Today

I really, really like Jamie's WILW...and since I missed it yesterday...
here is what I'm loving today!

I'm loving that I got these books today. 

I had been wanting these books FOR.E.VER and a long time...so a couple of weeks ago I mentioned them to my principal...and today...surprise! They were in my mailbox at school! Brand new and all mine! LOVE!

I'm loving that tomorrow is FRIDAY! Enough said...TGIF!

I'm loving this adorable cross-curricular literature unit that my friend Cheryl Saoud at Primary Graffiti created...it is perfect for learning about and celebrating the concept of friendship in the month of February. 
Look at everything she's included!
Thanks Cheryl...for creating this awesome unit!

I'm also loving my BFF's (bloggie friends forever!) 
"Pocket Full of Love" Valentine Themed Unit..can you say ADORABLE?!
 Alisha is soooo creative! 

Last...but definitely not least...I'm loving this sweet picture of my lovely daughter. 
Love my little girl!

P.S. Beginning next week I will be doing a Teacher Feature on Thursdays...if you would like to have your blog featured please shoot me an email. 

Until next time, toodles!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Flash Sale!

Happy Sunday, y'all! 
Just stopping by to let you know that I'm having a Flash Sale over at my TpT store. You can find all of my newest products for a $1...isn't that great?! The sale will last until 12:00 midnight (or possibly 'till tomorrow morning...who knows!) So hurry on over and stock up on some Winter Math and Literacy centers. 
I'll be starting my Penguins Unit tomorrow...so stayed tuned for some cute activities my Firsties will be doing this week.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Spanish Dolch Phrases

Hi friends!
I hope everyone is having a FABULOUS weekend! 
I've been relaxing on my couch, enjoying my kiddos, and watching Bones on Netflix most of the afternoon. I've been lovin' my lazy Saturday. :)

As a 1st grade teacher I know that fluency plays a big role in the reading lives of my little ones..so when I see that my firsties are doing ok..with their fluency..not great, but ok..I am determined to find ways to help them improve their fluency. And being that it's the weekend and I had some couch and laptop time..I did manage to finish a set of Spanish Dolch Phrases so my little sweeties could get more practice time..so as you can see it wasn't a totally unproductive day. You can find them at my TpT store if you're interested. 
While you're there...please check out my Winter Wonderland Math Games and Winter Wonderland Literacy Centers
To thank you for being a faithful reader of my 'lil ole blog..I'll be giving away these Spanish Dolch Phrases to the first 2 people to leave a comment...don't forget your email addy. 
Okay...I'm off to do more vegging on the couch...Yo Gabba Gabba and my little one are commanding my attention now. 


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Classroom Happenings

Hey y'all...happy Sunday!
I hope everyone is enjoying their 3 day weekend..as for me..I'll be heading to work at 7:15 in the am..armed with all the cute MLK activities I have accumulated from my bloggie friends!
Thanks a bunch, peeps!

So here's what my Firsties have been up to...
We have been learning all about inventors and inventions..so when I asked my friend Alisha to give me some fresh and new ideas she directed me to The First Grade Parade where I found these adorable light bulb anchor charts. 
Too cute!
Please forgive my Blackberry photos..and yes we are still missing two inventors; the Wright brothers and Thomas Edison will be added this week. 
After learning about the inventor, my kiddos had to write about them...I love first grade writing!
I also {puffy} heart the progress they have made!
love the drawing...as for the penmanship..well..it needs a little work. 

During my ESL time this week we read The Mitten by Jan Brett and made this story map.
As well as some other uber cute mitten activities..let's just say we had a blast! I'm so proud of my sweeties..they are being little sponges when it comes to learning English...LOVE!
 This idea again comes from Cara...thanks girl for being such an endless source of inspiration!
The little pictures are from Erin at Creating and Teaching {such a cute blog!}..we also used these for a sequencing activity that I forgot to take pictures of..oh well..you can find the printable at Erin's blog here.
If you haven't read The Mitten with your class yet..you can check out my Marvelous Mittens post for more ideas and links to some really cute stuff!

So that's it for my teaching week, now for some random stuff..I just realized that I have no pictures of myself on my blog {weird, right?!}..I'm usually behind the lens or the cell phone {in most cases} thus no cute pics of me..but I LOVE this picture taken of hubby and I..so I thought I would share it with the world! Ha!
I usually don't dress this fancy everyday...but in December my little 15 year old sister had her debutante ball..thus the reason for our formal attire. I absolutely adore this picture of my handsome hubby and I..and I most definitely love dressing up! ;)
This is my little sister Valeria...isn't she beautiful?!
Love that girl!
That's it peeps, I hope you have a fabulous day tomorrow..please think of me when you are in your pj's enjoying a cup of coffee while blog stalking. I'll be dealing with 15 little energizer bunnies...that keep going, and going, and going. Oh boy! 
Monday...here we come!


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Winter Literacy Centers

Hey y'all! 
Just stopping by really quick to let you all know that I have uploaded my 
I hope you all can go check it out! 

As a thank you for being a faithful follower and reading my blog so late at night...I'll be giving away this packet to the first 2 people to comment. Make sure to leave your email address so that I can send you your little packet.
I'll be back tomorrow to post about some classroom happenings. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy Wednesday, y'all! 
Here is what I'm loving on this beautiful day...
I'm loving the 78 degree weather..yes people..I'm a South Texas girl..I don't do cold! 
I'm loving that my firsties ROCKED...our 2nd quarter district common assessments...woohoo!
I'm loving that tomorrow is Thursday...thus my mini-Friday! And one day closer to the weekend! ;)
I'm loving that Josh Hutcherson will play Peeta Mellark in The Hunger Games movie...awww...cutie patootie! 
Can. not. wait to watch this movie!
Do you remember him in Bridge to Terabithia? 
Loved him!
I'm loving these Pinterest finds...

Ok..peeps..I'm off to enjoy some me time...don't forget to go and link up with Jamie and tell us what you're loving today! 


Monday, January 9, 2012

Currently {January}

This was sooo much fun! Now go and link up with Farley at Oh' Boy 4th Grade...and join the party!

Happy Monday!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Spanish Letter Tiles {Freebie!}

Hey y'all! 
So it's Saturday... and I woke up early...drank some coffee...stalked some blogs...had my Pinterest fix...and created some Spanish Letter Tiles
I don't know about you..but I always find a hard time finding these little gems...so I thought it was about time I created my own..so now all I have to do is print on white cardstock, cut out, laminate and I'm all set! 
I can use these little tiles in my small group instruction or in my word work center. Awesome!

You can find these Spanish Letter Tiles in my TpT store where they'll be listed as a freebie for a limited time only...don't ask me how long...who knows?! Yea, I'm a procrastinator..so it might be a while before I change the listing..so take advantage!
I'm in the process of creating some more Spanish materials...I know it's a limited market...but if any of you have any requests...or just something that you can't live without just shoot me an email...and I'll see what I can do. I recently purchased lots of clipart and I'm super excited to use it in my creations!
Okay...so that's it...gals {and guys?} I'm off to do some laundry...oh the joys of being a working mom! Wouldn't trade it for the world! :)


Thursday, January 5, 2012

So Excited!

Hey y'all! 
As you can see from the title of my post I am so excited!
Today was our 2nd day back since our Christmas Break..and as much as I would like to say that my kiddos have been calm and quiet..and perfect angels...they just haven't! 
I'm just keeping it real, y'all! 
They've been chatty and squirmy and...well you get the picture...but they've also been eager to get back into our routine...and except for a couple of little pills (bless their hearts!)...they've been good kiddos!
We started our MOY DRA assessments...and so far everyone has been at a level 10 or above...woohoo! I even had a child go from a level 4 BOY to a level 14 MOY and his fluency rate is at 97 WPM...wowie! Impressive! I do have to say that this particular child has a wonderful support system at home...and his mom encourages and challenges him to practice his reading EVERYDAY. If only all of our kids' parents were like this...{sigh!}
Another reason why I'm super excited is that even though I've had my TpT store open for a while..(with some real cool freebies if I do say so myself..ha!)..I just haven't had time to make anything to sell, but that all changed last night when I listed my first "for sale" item..yippee! It's a little Winter Wonderland Math packet that you can check out hereAnd for even better news I just sold my first one today! Whoop, whoop! I'm totally on cloud 9...and can't believe it! 
Anywho..if any of you are interested in checking out this 'lil fun packet, please visit my TpT store...not only will you find the Winter Wonderland Math Games, you'll also find my fun freebies!
I hope you take a peek!