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Monday, November 19, 2012

Word Work

I don't know about you..but every year I get a couple of littles that really struggle with their phonics skills. We work on these skills...all. the. time. but sometimes they just need something new. This is why I decided to create these little word work units...to help my littles...it seems like the presentation of the skill is just as important as the skill itself..my littles love color and cuteness..so I felt obliged to deliver! Thus.. Word Work for Little Learners was created..these word work activities are designed to build your students' skills and confidence. They'll be learning the phonics skill and having fun at the same time...win, win!
Some of my ELL littles are still struggling with their short vowels...and cvc words...so this is where I started. Here's a preview of the first two units...hopefully the rest of the short vowels will be finished soon..and I can share them with y'all at my 'lil TpT store.
12 activities that will keep your kiddidles engaged and learning.
At the moment both of these units are on sale..for $2.25..but only for the first 24 hours..after that they'll go back to their regular price of $4.50.
As always the first 2 people to comment..will get these 2 units for free! Don't forget to leave your email addy. ;)
Until next time...toodles!


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