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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Back to School...already?!

I know that many of you are already teaching a room full of eager little bodies..I on the other hand..I think I'm in denial..I am NOT ready to go back..yes I love my job..yes I love teaching...and actually watching those 'lil lightbulbs go off is THE best feeling in the world..but I absolutely treasure my summers off! I ADORE summertime! I go back on Monday to start our annual PD..for an ENTIRE week..what's up with that?! A week of PD..that's craaazy town! I just have one thing to say to the thief that stole my summer...I WANT it BACK!! Rewind, please! Okay..I'm done with my rant...I think. ;)

I have worked in my room..it's almost ready..I just need a few things here and there..but I haven't been in it in two weeks..does that make me a bad teacher? I hope not! In my defense..I have been working on a few classroom projects at home..and I've been spending tons of quality time with my little family before the madness arrives..you teacher mommies know what I'm talking about, right?! If you don't..please humor me and if you have to..lie a bit and nod your head. Thank you.  ;)

Here's some proof that I have been working at home..I've been a printing and laminating fool.
I have also worked on creating some more dolch phrases for my classroom..this packet has an apple theme. Love apples! You can find it here, currently on sale for $1.50.
Some supplemental stuff for my reading series.
and spending time with these cuties.

Look at those faces..can you blame me for wanting it to be summertime a little while longer?

Okay...if you're still reading this loooong post...be sure to leave me some love because the first 3 people to do so will recieve the Apples, Apples Everywhere! Dolch Phrases for free!
And just because I'm feeling generous...and would like to thank you for all the purchases you made at my 'lil TpT store during one of the biggest sales of the year...I am holding a flash giveaway! Woohoo! One lucky reader will win 10 items of their choice from my TpT store. All you have to do is follow both my blog AND TpT Store and leave a comment below telling me you do so.{Don't forget to leave your email addy..so I can contact you ASAP}. Giveaway will end tomorrow at midnight. The winner will be announced sometime on Friday evening...after I get back from my day of shopping. ;)
Piece of cake, piece of pie, right?!
Until next time, toodles!


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