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Friday, July 20, 2012

BTS Goodies!

I love Target's Dollar Spot and Dollar Tree as much as the teacher blogger next door. :)
But have you seen the new, and totally fabulous goodies that Walmart is now carrying in their stores across our nation? Total awesomeness, I tell 'ya!
The nice people over at CraftProjectIdeas.com were gracious enough to send me a box full of these uber cute products.
Okay..I know that was picture overload..but aren't these 'lil goodies fantabulous?!
I can't wait to use these items in my classroom this fall! Okay..maybe I can wait just a bit more..you know what I mean..summer seems to be flying by...anyway...
I'm going to be visiting my local Walmart..to find a few more things..I'm thinking BTS gifts for my coworkers..in a cute, little basket..with some polkadot ribbon..okay..I think I've been browsing Pinterest way too much! ;)
If you haven't done your BTS shopping yet..I would recommend going by Walmart and picking up some of these little goodies...at .88 cents they are a fantastic buy!
You can find CraftProjectIdeas at these links too.
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I'm linking up with Mrs. Santana over at The Learning Tree.


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