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Friday, April 6, 2012

Guest Blogger..Valerie

Hi everyone,
My name is Valerie and I am the author of All Students Can Shine.

I am so excited about being a guest blogger on this amazing blog!
I love using technology in the classroom and I know my students appreciate it too! Every time I turn on my Smart Board, I can see their little faces light up! They get so excited to see what new website I have to share with them or what games we will be playing.
Kids today are so involved with technology in their everyday lives that
it only makes sense to incorporate it in our daily lessons. It is a
great way to engage our students in their learning experiences.
Technology in the classroom creates a new type of learning environment
which includes active participation, motivation, and success!

Today, I'd like to share with you some spectacular online resources.
The first link is called A Story Before Bed.
This website allows parents and teachers to record themselves reading books.
Students can then watch the recorded books over and over again! This is
great for students who are struggling with reading and need someone to
read to them. Also, if you are doing the Daily 5 in your classroom, it
is perfect for “Listen to Reading”. They have a huge selection of books
to choose from and they are giving away free recordings to teachers!

Storyline Online and Read To Me are also for listening to stories but these are read to you by a CELEBRITY! My students are always very impressed with these websites because "famous people read to you"! 
The next one is called Into the Book.
This website is dedicated to helping students learn reading
comprehension strategies. They are equipped with videos, interactives,
lesson ideas, book lists, and links. Teachers can download resources
such as songs and posters. Students can complete interactives and print
their work when they are done.
Progressive Phonics is FREE but you must register to have access. Books are used to teach the alphabet and phonics for beginners, intermediate, and advanced readers. Each book can be downloaded as an eBook (read on your computer) or as a printable version. Each story comes with follow-up activities.
Literactive is for Kindergarten and Grade one students. The Road to Reading section includes nursery rhymes, pre-reading activities, CVC words, letter sounds, and blends. Guided reading books come with related activities that can be used to help develop reading skills such as rhythm and sequence. All books and activities are animated!
Professor Garfield is an award-winning website filled with interactive learning activities. It is filled with stimulating games and is constantly under revision. 
For more great resources like these ones, visit my website at Explore and Learn Online.
I'd love for you to come visit my blog and become my newest follower. I am constantly sharing new online resources, units, and FREEBIES! Hop on over to check it out for yourself!


Thank you so much, Valerie! These resources are amazing!



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