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Friday, March 30, 2012

PTL it's Friday and a New Unit

Hey y'all!
 In the words of my friend Abby, PTL it's Friday! 
Have y'all had a week that just goes on and on and on...you know what I mean, right? The never ending week?! Please say yes...and if you haven't had one yet just humor me and lie to me a bit. This was the never ending week for me...I blame our state assessment..you know which one..the twinkly one..the bane of my existence..don't let the name deceive you..STAAR. Yea..fun times with 5th graders. Glad round one is over and done with. 
Oral administrations=no fun!
So you see why I'm beyond excited it's Friday?! Yea, planning for 3 days while I go administer a test..is just not what I call thrilling. 

Anywho...enough of the pity party. I'm here to tell you about my new little math unit..Spring into Math Centers..it is full of fun and engaging math activities for your kiddidles..5 math centers perfect for math stations or tubs, each with a recording sheet. I hope you take a looksie...
As always the first two people to comment will receive this mini-unit for free! Just make sure to leave your email address..so that I can send you your goodies. :)

I will also be having a HUGE sale tomorrow on all items at my TpT store..come back tomorrow for more details..it'll be worth it..I promise. ;)

Oh..one last thing..don't forget to enter the Vocabulary SpellingCity Giveaway..the prize is a 1 year Premium Membership..amazing! Click here to enter..the giveaway ends tonight at midnight. 

I'll leave you with this picture of my little..silly girl..just pretend you don't see the mismatched hair thingies..yea I'm that mom..priorities people..that..and I was trying to avoid a hair meltdown. 
She still looks adorable, don't 'ya think?!

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