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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Guest Blogger...Jen

Hi there!! I'm Jen R., from
I'm so excited to be a guest blogger over here for Gladys!! I just LOVE her blog!!!

Today I wanted to share with you how I set up my literacy centers.

My students do 5 centers a week; one each day...
Yes, there are 6 tubs here, because at one point they did 6 - Tues - Thursday, 2 each day. But because of schedules this year, one each day works better.

I use these tubs - they work PHENOMENALLY!!
My labels on the front are interchangeable - I have Velcro on them to change them out to match the "subject."

I used to use this..
but now being in a grade where a lot of the centers can be cumbersome, it wasn't working as well for me - but I used it for YEARS in 3rd grade.

This is where my students pick their centers. The labels on here match the labels on the tubs. Each student takes his/her clip and puts it on the center they want for the day....do you see the holes??? That's my way of making sure that no more than 4 are at each center. (there are two sides of holes for when we did two centers a day, but they only use one side now). If all 4 holes are plugged up with the clothespin, then they can't choose that center. 
And this is how I "grade" their centers. They get this menu to keep in their folder. They write the digital date in the box that they chose for that day. After centers are over, they go back to their desk with their center and menu ready for me to see. If their work is complete and acceptable, I will sign where it says "T.S." (teacher signature). If not, then I circle that box so they know they have to fix something before all centers are turned in on Friday.
My menus change weekly to match the centers I make for that week, and I usually have the clip art match the theme :) This week, we're doing my Bear Snores On/ Hibernation unit.
I can't upload it to share with you because Docs doesn't let me upload publisher - and plus I can't give you that clip art - ha!
BUT, if you would like a template of this menu, please feel free to email me at 
jenross1018 at yahoo dot com
and I will get one to you!

Thanks for letting me come over and spend some time with you!! Hope to see you over at my blog :)

Thanks Jen! Loved your center management system!



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