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Thursday, January 5, 2012

So Excited!

Hey y'all! 
As you can see from the title of my post I am so excited!
Today was our 2nd day back since our Christmas Break..and as much as I would like to say that my kiddos have been calm and quiet..and perfect angels...they just haven't! 
I'm just keeping it real, y'all! 
They've been chatty and squirmy and...well you get the picture...but they've also been eager to get back into our routine...and except for a couple of little pills (bless their hearts!)...they've been good kiddos!
We started our MOY DRA assessments...and so far everyone has been at a level 10 or above...woohoo! I even had a child go from a level 4 BOY to a level 14 MOY and his fluency rate is at 97 WPM...wowie! Impressive! I do have to say that this particular child has a wonderful support system at home...and his mom encourages and challenges him to practice his reading EVERYDAY. If only all of our kids' parents were like this...{sigh!}
Another reason why I'm super excited is that even though I've had my TpT store open for a while..(with some real cool freebies if I do say so myself..ha!)..I just haven't had time to make anything to sell, but that all changed last night when I listed my first "for sale" item..yippee! It's a little Winter Wonderland Math packet that you can check out hereAnd for even better news I just sold my first one today! Whoop, whoop! I'm totally on cloud 9...and can't believe it! 
Anywho..if any of you are interested in checking out this 'lil fun packet, please visit my TpT store...not only will you find the Winter Wonderland Math Games, you'll also find my fun freebies!
I hope you take a peek! 



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