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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

You Know You're a Teacher When....

Sweet Abby over at The Inspired Apple is hosting a "You Know You're a Teacher When..." linky party...Love!
I decided to join in the fun!

Ok...so...you know you're a teacher when...
* Your stomach starts aching and you realize you haven't eaten anything since 11:00 am....and it's now 7:00pm.
* You get super excited when it's pajama day, crazy hair day, or any other theme day.
* You have an obsession with cute school and office supplies.
* You love the smell of Crayola crayons...and get giddy at the sight of a 96 count box.
* You KNOW that the New Year really begins in mid August....no matter what the calendar states.
* You have a binder full of love letters, notes, pictures, and drawings from your adorable Firsties.
* You STILL believe in Santa, the Tooth Fairy, and Leprechauns...or at least your kids think you do.
* Your to do list is NEVER ending.
* You can't wait for summer so that you can start planning next year's lessons and activities.
* At the end of the day you are 12 kinds of tired (love that term Abby!)...but you know it was ALL worth it.

Hope everyone had a happy Hump Day!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Jodi~ Fun in First

Hey everyone! 
I'm Jodi from Fun In First and I am so excited to be a guest for Gladys.  This week, we have been discussing weather and my students have loved it.  I think it's such a fun topic to cover.  We started out the week by making a list of weather words and creating a student made weather word wall.

Next, we thought of some things that we already know about weather and listed them on the sun.

Next, students wrote on their own page what they already know about weather.  This is on the second page of The Weather Book. 
Click the picture to download.

On Tuesday, we discussed wind and filled out the cloud charts together as a class after reading two nonfiction books about wind.

On Wednesday, we began discussing precipitation.  I wrote the word on the board and had students say the word with me a couple of times.  Then we talked about the different kinds of precipitation.  I wanted the students to become familiar with the word, so we did a making words activity.  I passed out the letters for PRECIPITATION to each student and a recording sheet.

 Next, we completed a sentence to describe four types of precipitation and drew a picture for each. 
Download by clicking on the picture.

Download the "PRECIPITATION" letters here.
Then we filled in our information page about wind from the weather book I posted on Monday.
Thursday, was one of my favorite days.  I introduced the water cycle.  I think it's so interesting and the students love learning "big" words.  We made these cute water cycle pictures. 

You can download The Water Cycle paper here.
After making our pictures of the water cycle, we made water cycle headbands.  I LOVE these.  I found this idea in a magazine somewhere a couple of years ago and I think they are so much fun. 

 Cut out 4 colors of 2x6 pieces of construction paper for each child.  I also cut out a 2x6 piece of white paper for the cloud and a 2x6 piece of yellow paper for the sun.  Have students label each color and glue the sun to the evaporation paper and the cloud to the condensation paper.  Then staple them together in the correct order.

Thank you Gladys for letting me guest blog today!  I'd love for all of you to come and check out my blog at Fun in First  I also have a fun new button if you want to grab it while you're there.
Fun in First

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Erin & Leslie~First Grade Fanatics

Thank you so much Gladys for having us! We are so excited to be entering the blogging world, and are honored to be guest blogging on such a fabulous blog! We are always looking for activities that the kids can work on when they finish up their work. This is a great game that we introduce after addition, and the kids LOVE it! You can use it so many different ways, with addition, subtraction or both. We usually begin by introducing it with 2 regular dice, and the kids just add the numbers. As we get farther into addition and subtraction, we introduce "subtraction" dice that we have made. One die would include number 6-11, the other 1-6. The kids then know to start with the higher number, and subtract the smaller. Eventually, the kids just get any 2 dice, and create any type of equation. To add a twist, you can also add a third die, and then create mixed equations. The possibilities are endless! :) The first player to color in 5 in a row win. Teacher tip: when copying, reduce to fit 2 on a page, and use less paper.
Make sure to visit us at First Grade Fanatics!

~Erin and Leslie
First Grade Fanatics

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Friday, March 25, 2011

Ms. Durning~from Second Grade is Splendid

So it's funny. . . I've never actually taught in heels. I don't think I could either!
More power to you Gladys ;)
It's me, Ms. Durning from Second Grade is Splendid, and I'm your guest blogger. I thought I'd share the recent vocabulary fascination in my classroom. It all stemmed from Fancy Nancy Friday. Two weeks ago the Fancy Nancy word of the week was "smart" and we found the word "precocious" in the thesaurus. My students instantly became hooked on that word and were using it everywhere.. the lunch room, home, other classrooms. It was a.m.a.z.i.n.g! What brought tears to my eyes is when one of my students said, "you can be a precocious reader when you find new information to add to your schema."
I decided I needed to take advantage of this vocabulary obsession while I could.


I introduced the "Word of the Week" poster on Monday and our first word is "compromise." I heard the word "compromise" being used in alllllll kinds of conversation. It was like music to my ears! ::: la la la la la ::: I also make a big deal whenever I hear them expanding their vocabulary and they love the positive attention, who doesn't?! I get my words out of this amazing book. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing learning transferred outside of the classroom. I hope my post was at least somewhat inspiring and if you haven't visited me before, stop by and say hi!
Thanks for allowing me this opportunity Gladys!
How fun :) 



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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Guest Blogger: Kacey~Doodle Bugs Paper

My name is Kacey and I am the owner/designer behind Doodle Bugs Paper.
You can read more about me and my stationery business HERE.
You can also read my blog and see more of my products!.

I am tickled pink to have the opportunity to guest blog for Gladys while she is away for a few days..
I know how busy life can be and blogging sometimes gets pushed to the bottom of the to-do list!

So, besides running a business I also teach full time. I am a first grade teacher at a private school in Mississippi.

One of the main reasons I started DBP was to give me an opportunity to work from home because I did not plan on teaching for the rest of my life. At the time I was in a school district with too many rules and regulations and I simply HATED MY JOB!
I pushed hard and got my business to a point where I was comfortable staying home and selling stationery full time. Then....my dream job became available....a first grade position at the local private school.  This was my chance to do what I loved. I am currently in my 11th year of teaching. Now, I love teaching just as much as I love designing and selling my stationery.
This is our testing week so the majority of our time we'll be testing. {yuck!}
But, between testing our theme this week is FROGS!
We are studying the life cycle of frogs and learning about amphibians. We will be reading lots of non-fiction books about frogs and of course enjoying tons of Froggy books and Frog and Toad books. 
Here are our weekly centers...

In this center the students are answering "calendar questions".
The questions are all things we discuss on the mat each morning when we do the calendar.
The questions are on frog cards and they have a recording sheet to write their answers.
The next center is making a life cycle of a frog. This activity came from  DLTK kids.
My kids would be upset if one of their centers was not an art project. This was a simple project. They used an oval template to cut a head and two size circle templates to cut eyes. They rolled red paper to make the tongue. Later this week they will write frog sentences or a short frog story to attach to these. 
 Our poem this week is Tiny Tim.
In this center they had to arrange the lines of the poem in the correct order.
 When they finish, they could use these cards to put the poem in order in one of our pocket charts.
 In this center the students had to count the frogs on the lily pads by 5's and record their answers on their paper.
 When they finished they could play frog/butterfly tic-tac-toe.
Thank you again Gladys for the chance to share a little bit of my world with your readers.
I would love for you to "hop on over" to my Doodle Bugs Blog and become a follower.


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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Kathy: Rounding to the Nearest 10

Hey, y'all!
I hope you're enjoying all these fun guest bloggers this week!
I'm just stopping by to say a quick "HELLO!" and to introduce our next FABULOUS guest blogger...Kathy from First Grade...a la Carte.
Kathy is a wonderful teacher...she has currently reached a great milestone here in blogland...she has just reached her 100 followers and is having an AMAZING giveaway...make sure to stop by her blog to enter...Kathy also has experience teaching  grades 1-4...and is currently a teacher to some wonderful Firsties...1st grade is truly where her heart lives!
Take it away, Kathy!

We are working on rounding numbers to the nearest ten this week.  It's a tough one for my First Graders.  We always do this chant to help them remember the rules for rounding.
We also use this 100 Chart for Rounding practice.

Here's a new game to practice our new skill. All you need is a deck of cards, two-sided counters, and the game board. Take the face cards out of the deck and use the Joker as a zero. I also let my students use the 100 chart, if they need it.

Students will turn over two cards at a time. The first card is the tens digit and the second is the ones digit. They round that number to the nearest ten. If they are correct, they cover one of those spots on the game board. If those spots are all taken, lose a turn. Play until all spots are covered. The one with the most counters on the board is the winner.


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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Guest Blogger: Heidi from Swamp Frog First Graders

Hello Faithful Readers of Once Upon a Time in First Grade!
Don’t you just love Gladys’s blog posts?!
She has such great ideas and is so generous in sharing!
While she’s “tied up with life” this week, I thought I’d try to help out by guest blogging for Gladys.
I have a blog called “Swamp Frog First Graders
and enjoy writing and sharing about math and reading activities…I thought I’d share a little with you!
Hope you find this one useful…
Bill Grossman is one of my favorite authors!
I love his book “My Little Sister Ate One Hare” and use it with math and adding all the time...
I’m so excited that he’s got one out now for the alphabet!
“My Little Sister Hugged an Ape” is filled with wonderful imagery as well as rhymes for all the animals she hugs through the alphabet. Just like the sister that ate a hare, this little girl hugs some of the grossest (is that a word…well it is for my classroom full of boys) animals in the alphabet with some of the coolest rhymes that happen when the animal is hugged.
Here’s a couple of my favorite pages…
I can’t wait to share the book with the kids soon and see their reactions to the many animals and sister actions in the book. We’ll definitely have to spend time sharing our favorite animal scenes with each other….so I created a quick page for the kids to tell about their favorite animal hugging page and draw a picture…
You can download this writing page here
Visit Amazon.com to get your very own copy of the book or share it with your librarian and she might order it for your school library…
I can see a future powerpoint in the making so the kids can get upclose and personal with each picture as well as circle the rhyming words and talk about the adjectives that left real images in our minds. I can also see a matching center to match the letter of the alphabet with the animal and the action…not clear on this activity yet…
but it’s a thought to think upon!
Hope you have a blessedly wonderful day!

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Rules to the ROAR: Silent Consonants

Hi everyone!
As you all know I'll be taking a little break from blogging this week...but I did not want to leave you without any blog reading...so I have enlisted the help of a fabulous bloggie friend...Mrs. Cheryl Saoud from Primary Graffiti...
she is the sweetest gal and she has a great blog post for y'all!
I hope you enjoy!
So without further adieu...Mrs. Saoud!

Children are often challenged learning phonics rules and all
those lovely curveballs that just don't follow the rules.
When you throw silent letters in the ball game, "Strike Out!"

I have created a few fun posters for my students in hopes to help
a student hit a homerun by following a pattern to tricky words!
 DinoROARS: Rules to the Roar
teachings students about the silent k, b, and gh.
Graphics are from
(aren't they adorable)!!!
Silent Consonants >
Happy Teaching!
Mrs. Saoud


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