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Saturday, December 31, 2011

One Little Word for 2012

Only a few hours left before we say goodbye to 2011...sadly it has come to an end...but don't despair...with all good endings, come great beginnings! 2011 was a fabulous year...but I am so looking forward to 2012! I know it will be a FANTASTIC year! 

Instead of having a New Year's resolution...{which leaves me feeling bad about myself when I abandon it...guilt is something I do not do well with}...this year I have decided to choose one little word that will keep me focused throughout the year. 

My OLW is...

There are many areas in my life that I would like to focus on nurturing this coming year. My relationship with God. My littles. And my husband. My growth as a mom, wife, daughter, sister, and teacher. Patience. Love. Photography and this little blog. 
I also know that I need to nurture myself..mind, spirit, and body. 
Easier said than done...but I'll definitely try.

There is something very special about the word nurturing..to me..it means slowing down, simplifying, and really taking the time to know the difference between the important things in life...and the trivial stuff. It means letting go...and enjoying the moment.

nurture~is my OLW this year. 

If you want to learn more about OLW click hereAli Edwards is the genius behind OLW...her blog is amazing...I hope you can visit her soon. 

Happy New Year friends!

What will your one little word be for 2012?



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