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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Blogging and Friendships

Hi ya'll!
Don't you love the wonderful friendships being created in blogland? I know I do! It's great to know that there are teachers out there just as passionate and enthusiastic as I am about teaching. Sometimes it's hard to share your passion with others that are not in the teaching field...so my blog has been an outlet for me...and I LOVE it! I especially love all the wonderful teachers I have "met" through blogging. Love ya', girls!
One of my favorite bloggers is Alisha...do you all know her? If you don't...you need to go and visit her blog ASAP! You will thank me later for introducing her to you...I promise!
Alisha is the blogger over at...
She is the kindest person...has the sweetest and most giving spirit, and a fabulous personality. I adore her! And I know you will too! 
She is the creator of this AMAZING Gingerbread Unit!

It is full of everything and anything you might need to teach your sweeties! 
A.MA.ZING, I tell 'ya! Truly AMAZING! 
You can find this unit at her TpT or TN store
Run...don't walk to her shop right now...you won't regret purchasing this unit...it's unbelievable! 
 She also has some great freebies...I'm sure you won't want to miss out on! They are FAN.TAS.TIC! 
Please go and visit her blog...and if you download her freebies or purchase her Gingerbread Unit, don't forget to give her some love...she adores comments! She truly reads every. single. comment....and responds to them too...I know that for a fact! :)

Thanks Alisha for all your help!
You fill my bucket. :)



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