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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Happy Saturday!

Hey ya'll Happy Saturday! 
I hope everyone is having a FABULOUS weekend!
Yesterday marked the end of the 1st 9 weeks of school and thus the end of the 1st quarter...it went by in a flash I tell 'ya! I know that the 2nd quarter will go by even faster with all the activities going on in 1st grade..pheeeew! I'm out of breath just thinking about it! 

So this weekend will be a busy one...catching up on grades and report cards, and getting lesson plans ready for the next two weeks. But I can't do all that work without having a little fun with my family first! ;)

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The winner will be announced tomorrow morning. 
Good luck!

P.S. My 'lil ole blog was nominated as a Top 25 Teacher Mom Blog...I'd really appreciate it if you voted for me...pretty please, with a cherry on top? Thank you!

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