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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Giveaway! (and a Freebie!)

Hey ya'll don't you love the weather now..crisp and clean in the early morning...and in the low 80s by the afternoon? It's finally cooled down a bit here in southern Texas...and boy, oh boy...did we need cooler temps! Soooo glad I can finally wear my long sleeve blouses in the morning now! It was actually 48 degrees this morning and it felt A.MA.ZING! Can't wait for more days like these...I'm definitely keeping my fingers crossed!

So...in celebration of cooler temps here in toasty Texas...my sweet Canadian friend Shelley Gray has offered to do a giveaway on my little 'ole blog...don't 'ya love that?! I certainly do! 

Shelley Gray authors the blog Teaching in the Early Years and oh. my. word...it is FABULOUS! If you haven't been there you need to get over there ASAP! She offers so many resources, teaching tips and even has some great videos to explain her mental math strategies and how she organizes her learning centers. Like I said, FAB.U.LOUS!
Shelley has been so generous in offering to giveaway all six addition units from her Mental Math Strategy Collection. The set includes the following units: "Counting On", "Doubles", Doubles Plus One", "Making Ten", "Making Multiples of Ten", and "Front End Addition". 
Doesn't that sound AWESOME?!?

Shelley is an awesome teacher and mommy...and her TpT resources are fantastic! 
Each unit in her Mental Math Strategy Collection consists of everything that is needed to teach the strategy in full, including independent seatwork or partner activities, centers, and whole-class kinesthetic learning activities. All of this wrapped up in 6 addition units...couldn't have asked for more! 

And as if that's not enough...Shelley has made a sampler pack of these units just for you! Anyone who enters this giveaway is a winner!! Woohoo! Thank you, Shelley!

Okay...so I know you want to enter this amazing giveaway...here's how to do it...

1. Follow Shelley's blog Teaching in the Early Years
2. Follow Shelley's TpT Store
3. "Like" Shelley's FB page

Leave a seperate comment for each entry...for 3 chances to win. 

(As always you must be a Teaching in High Heels follower to win)

This giveaway will end on Saturday, October 22, at midnight. 
The winner will be announced on Sunday, October 23. 
Good luck everyone!


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