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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Learning is Fun!

It's been a very busy past couple of weeks...my cute firsties have been learning sooo much  and having so much fun! Here are a few random pictures of our learning....

First...we celebrated Mexico's Independence Day on the 16 de septiembre...
my kiddos were so proud to learn more about their heritage. 
We created a circle map as a class...then they created their individual circle map. So cute!

We also learned about our Constitution, we watched the School House Rock~Preamble video...so fun! 
We read this book...

Then my Firsties came up with their our own Class Constitution...with a little guidance from the teacher of course! They were thrilled about having to sign it and make it official.
We also learned about 9/11 and made some little flags...to show our patriotism.

In science, my Firsties have been busy learning about plants and insects.

Finally...in reading my Firsties have been learning about the sequence of events...we created this little anchor chart to remind us about our learning. 

Pheeewww! There has been a lot of learning going on! 
Well...that's it for today...
Happy fall ya'll! 


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