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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Teacher Talk Tuesday

Happy Tuesday!
It's time to link up to Teacher Talk Tuesday on Blog Hoppin'. Here are my tidbits of insight for new teachers:

1. Find an organization system that works for you. It may be as simple or as sophisticated as you want it to be, as long as it makes life easier for you...if it doesn't make your life easier...then you probably won't use it.

2. Procedures, procedures, procedures! It is soooo important to take the time to establish your procedures and expectations at the beginning of the school year...yes, it takes time...yes, it may be dull...but believe me it will ALL be worth it in the end! I'm not guaranteeing smooth sailing all year long...but your "bad" days will definitely be less...if you have good procedures in place!

3. Document everything...I can't emphasize this enough...documentation will come in very handy at all those meetings we can't seem to get away from...

4. Praise, praise, praise!!! And LOVE your babies! Sometimes your compliment will be the only one they get all day long!

5. Take time for yourself...as teachers, we always have work to do, there is always that never ending list, always something to grade, or games to make, etc. etc. Please don't forget about yourself...yes your students need you...but how are they going to get the best of you...if you don't take care of yourself? Just something to think about.

Okay...that's it peeps...just some tidbits I wanted to share with y'all. If you want to read the great advice from some awesome teachers head over to Blog Hoppin'.


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