Monday, August 22, 2011

Meet the Teacher

Hey y'all! Today I'm participating over at Blog Hoppin' for Meet the Teacher Monday.
Tell us a little something about you....
My name is Gladys, I am a 1st grade teacher, mother of four married to the most wonderful life may be a little crazy sometimes, but nonetheless I absolutely LOVE it! 

How long have you been teaching?
This is my 6th year teaching in my current school district...I taught Kinder for 3 years before graduating to 1st, and I have to say that 1st is my absolute favorite! Yes, kinder kids are little and cute...but I love, love, those little firsties! These kiddos are genuinely interested in learning, they are inquisitive, fun, and fabulous! I am always floored by the progress they make in 1st grade...I'm telling 'ya it's absolutely amazing!

You might not know...
I love to dance! As a child I took ballet and in my teens I was on my high school dance team...I LOVE to dance...not only is it's also a great way to get your exercise on and stay in shape. I honestly wish I had more time to take a dance class or even fun would that be?!

What are you looking most forward to this school year?
I am really looking forward to building a strong community of learners. I want my new firsties to love reading as much as I do...I want them to be life long readers and learners, and to enjoy being a student in my classroom. 

What do you need to improve? 
I have a lot of things that I would like to improve...but this year my main focus is math. I tend to be more literacy inclined...I love, love, love reading and writing and could teach those two subjects ALL DAY LONG! For me, loving math has always been a bit of a struggle...but I am really going to try harder this year. I really am. Promise!

What teaching supplies can you *not* live without?
I couldn't live without my Scotch laminator, Flair pens, and Mr. Sketch markers. My little heart also does cartwheels at the sight of cute notebooks, binders and sticky notes. Oh and I have to say that this little list would not be complete if I did not mention my crazy addiction for books...I totally *puffy* heart my books...they are definitely something I could not live without!
So that's it for me my's now your turn to go link up at Blog Hoppin' for Meet the Teacher Monday. Have fun!



Kinderpond said...

Love Zumba- we take the after school kids to the YMCA and sometimes they get an instructor to show the kids.


Rachel said...

Also being a dancer (in my former life!) I agree that Zumba is the best! BTW I LOVE your blog! Thanks for all the great ideas.