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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Classroom Pics...Finally!

Hey y'all! I know I have been a little MIA lately...but it has all been due to the 1st week of school...you know how that goes! Anywho...the 1st week is behind us now...and it was a great one at that...love my new batch of kiddos! They are sweet and polite, and oh so cute! Hope it continues throughout the year!
So...remember when I said I would only have 15 kids...yeah, well it didn't turn out that way during registration...not quite. Our school is experiencing growing pains..and I now have 23 students...I'm actually the one with the smallest class, the other 2 first grade teachers are both at 25 students! Yikes! Hopefully we will get a new teacher soon...this way I'll go back to my original 15...so keep your fingers crossed please!
Due to having this many kiddos...I had to make some small changes in my classroom...here it is for your enjoyment!
Library area...the bulletin board will be my Spanish Word Wall.
Love my little tree...and the Good Readers sign from Christie.
Word Work area...and my little owl painting my lovely daughter made for me.
Another owl painting.
The chunk wall is located in the Word Work area.
Computer area.
Poetry and Fluency area.

Student cubbies, Social Studies, Math, and Science WW, and classroom rules.

Word Center pocket chart...easel. and whole group area. Love my new brown rug! 
Calendar on white board.
Pocket charts for guided reading groups and class schedule. Yea...I need labels.
Love the Dr. Seuss quote...and my little Diet Coke sign...found somewhere on blogland. 
If it's yours please let me know so that I can give you credit.
Listening center and my little fabric banner inspired by Abby over at The Inspired Apple...click here for her no-sew tutorial.
Writing center and Focus Wall. 
Baskets where students will turn in their work.

Crayon wreath...found on Pinterest.
My bulletin board outside classroom.
1st grade bulletin board in main hallway. 
Pheeewww...that was a bunch of pictures! 
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Happy Sunday...toodles!

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