Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cute Blogs, Creative Ideas

I've been loving all the awesome ideas out there in blogland for back to I thought I would share some of these fabulous blogs with some ridiculously cute ideas.
Love these sight words chant sticks! They're colorful, sassy lookin'...and the container is caauuute! Awesome job, Jennie! Go over to her blog The Hawk's Nest and be inspired. Oooh...I forgot to tell you that not only is she a teacher, she's also a crafter...I'm tellin' you, this girl is good! Go ahead and browse her Etsy Store, you'll find some really sweet things...I have my eye on those chalkboard mason jars...too cute!

Have you ever been to Farley's blog, Oh' Boy Fourth Grade...if you haven't please go now! Okay...maybe you can finish reading this post and then head on over there. This lady has some of the cutest printables I have ever seen! She is amazingly talented and shares that talent with everyone on her blog. She is also super can always find lots of freebies on her site. Right now she's hosting a ginormous giveaway for some fabulous graphics from ScrapDelicious...go over and enter...or not...'cause I really want to win this one!
Isn't this perfect for Guided Reading or Reader's Workshop? I found it while bloghopping..the creator is Cindy from Mrs. Gilchrist's Class. She has this reader's toolbox for sale on TpT..and wait for it, it's only $1! Wow, can you believe that?! This little item is already on my wish list...I'm just kind of waiting to decide what else I should purchase with it..if you're interested in getting it for your class click here. Cindy also has some freebies on her blog that are uber cute.
Like this cover for your absentee folders.

Or these Power Tower labels for Teacher Tipster's fabulous game.

I really like how this writing center is neatly the organizer for the writing supplies. Reagan is so creative and organized...and her classroom is beautiful! She has the most precious reading barn inside her! You can find her and all her wonderful ideas at Tunstall Times.
Reagan just created this wonderful packet of stationary for her Writer's Workshop...and I can't wait to get my hands on it..I'm sure it's out of this world! Check out her Teachers Notebook store for some more cuteness.
So there you go...cute blogs, wonderful ideas, fabulous teachers!


Reagan Tunstall said...

Gladys!!! WOW! I was gathering all the great ideas you posted from the teachers above and then I saw my writing area! OH MY GOODNESS...thanks so much. I just redid my writing area yesterday...maybe I will post about it soon...I really appreciate you putting me in this post. :)

oh' boy said...

Your post was soooo sooo sooo SWEET!!!
Thanks so much for sharing my little spot in blog-land!!!

Teacher Tam said...

Great ideas! Thanks for sharing those. :)

Ashley said...

I really love the "In Our Classroom" poster. I couldn't find it at Oh' Boy Fourth Grade. Could you help me out? Thanks so much for sharing!! These are great ideas.

Randee said...

Love love LOVE the piers towers! So I went to teacher (never been there) to check tem out. Then I went to Mrs. Gilchrist's blog to pick up the FREE labels! I can't wait to use these with my kindergarteners! Always looking for a "game" to help reinforce skills. They're going to LOVE it...colors, shapes, letters, sounds, rhyming...the list goes on and on! Heading to Wal-Mart very soon to get my cup and Pringles (but only for the cans)!

Randee said...

Messed up my blog code...take 2:
How about them apples?

Gladys said...

Ashley, here is the link to the blog post where you can find the "In Our Classroom" poster...enjoy!

Cindy Gilchrist said...

Thanks for the shout out Gladys!!!! :)

Mrs. Wheeler said...

Thanks for sharing!!!

Mrs. Wheeler

Mrs. Schroeder said...

Gladys...I really enjoy your blog but today it was a sad reminder that I won't be teaching in heels this fall. I dropped a piece of glass from my refrigerator 2 days ago on my foot and my BIG toe is in bad shape:( At least, I can live through you! Thanks for all of the great ideas above!
The Schroeder Page

Nina said...

OMGoodness! What cute ideas! Thank you so much for sharing them! :)I love your blog!

Dual Kinder Teacher said...

Thanks for following :) Your blog is super cute!
Dual Kinder Teacher

KP said...

Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to go check out all those blogs!

Teachers Ask, Teachers Tell

Sarah said...

Love those sight word chant sticks - thanks for sharing!

Christen Lancaster said...

I love the Chant sticks! Such a creative idea!