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Monday, March 21, 2011

Rules to the ROAR: Silent Consonants

Hi everyone!
As you all know I'll be ´╗┐taking a little break from blogging this week...but I did not want to leave you without any blog reading...so I have enlisted the help of a fabulous bloggie friend...Mrs. Cheryl Saoud from Primary Graffiti...
she is the sweetest gal and she has a great blog post for y'all!
I hope you enjoy!
So without further adieu...Mrs. Saoud!

Children are often challenged learning phonics rules and all
those lovely curveballs that just don't follow the rules.
When you throw silent letters in the ball game, "Strike Out!"

I have created a few fun posters for my students in hopes to help
a student hit a homerun by following a pattern to tricky words!
 DinoROARS: Rules to the Roar
teachings students about the silent k, b, and gh.
Graphics are from
(aren't they adorable)!!!
Silent Consonants >
Happy Teaching!
Mrs. Saoud


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