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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Kathy: Rounding to the Nearest 10

Hey, y'all!
I hope you're enjoying all these fun guest bloggers this week!
I'm just stopping by to say a quick "HELLO!" and to introduce our next FABULOUS guest blogger...Kathy from First Grade...a la Carte.
Kathy is a wonderful teacher...she has currently reached a great milestone here in blogland...she has just reached her 100 followers and is having an AMAZING giveaway...make sure to stop by her blog to enter...Kathy also has experience teaching  grades 1-4...and is currently a teacher to some wonderful Firsties...1st grade is truly where her heart lives!
Take it away, Kathy!

´╗┐We are working on rounding numbers to the nearest ten this week.  It's a tough one for my First Graders.  We always do this chant to help them remember the rules for rounding.
We also use this 100 Chart for Rounding practice.

Here's a new game to practice our new skill. All you need is a deck of cards, two-sided counters, and the game board. Take the face cards out of the deck and use the Joker as a zero. I also let my students use the 100 chart, if they need it.

Students will turn over two cards at a time. The first card is the tens digit and the second is the ones digit. They round that number to the nearest ten. If they are correct, they cover one of those spots on the game board. If those spots are all taken, lose a turn. Play until all spots are covered. The one with the most counters on the board is the winner.


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