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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Jodi~ Fun in First

Hey everyone! 
I'm Jodi from Fun In First and I am so excited to be a guest for Gladys.  This week, we have been discussing weather and my students have loved it.  I think it's such a fun topic to cover.  We started out the week by making a list of weather words and creating a student made weather word wall.

Next, we thought of some things that we already know about weather and listed them on the sun.

Next, students wrote on their own page what they already know about weather.  This is on the second page of The Weather Book. 
Click the picture to download.

On Tuesday, we discussed wind and filled out the cloud charts together as a class after reading two nonfiction books about wind.

On Wednesday, we began discussing precipitation.  I wrote the word on the board and had students say the word with me a couple of times.  Then we talked about the different kinds of precipitation.  I wanted the students to become familiar with the word, so we did a making words activity.  I passed out the letters for PRECIPITATION to each student and a recording sheet.

 Next, we completed a sentence to describe four types of precipitation and drew a picture for each. 
Download by clicking on the picture.

Download the "PRECIPITATION" letters here.
Then we filled in our information page about wind from the weather book I posted on Monday.
Thursday, was one of my favorite days.  I introduced the water cycle.  I think it's so interesting and the students love learning "big" words.  We made these cute water cycle pictures. 

You can download The Water Cycle paper here.
After making our pictures of the water cycle, we made water cycle headbands.  I LOVE these.  I found this idea in a magazine somewhere a couple of years ago and I think they are so much fun. 

 Cut out 4 colors of 2x6 pieces of construction paper for each child.  I also cut out a 2x6 piece of white paper for the cloud and a 2x6 piece of yellow paper for the sun.  Have students label each color and glue the sun to the evaporation paper and the cloud to the condensation paper.  Then staple them together in the correct order.

Thank you Gladys for letting me guest blog today!  I'd love for all of you to come and check out my blog at Fun in First  I also have a fun new button if you want to grab it while you're there.
Fun in First

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