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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Guest Blogger: Heidi from Swamp Frog First Graders

Hello Faithful Readers of Once Upon a Time in First Grade!
Don’t you just love Gladys’s blog posts?!
She has such great ideas and is so generous in sharing!
While she’s “tied up with life” this week, I thought I’d try to help out by guest blogging for Gladys.
I have a blog called “Swamp Frog First Graders
and enjoy writing and sharing about math and reading activities…I thought I’d share a little with you!
Hope you find this one useful…
Bill Grossman is one of my favorite authors!
I love his book “My Little Sister Ate One Hare” and use it with math and adding all the time...
I’m so excited that he’s got one out now for the alphabet!
“My Little Sister Hugged an Ape” is filled with wonderful imagery as well as rhymes for all the animals she hugs through the alphabet. Just like the sister that ate a hare, this little girl hugs some of the grossest (is that a word…well it is for my classroom full of boys) animals in the alphabet with some of the coolest rhymes that happen when the animal is hugged.
Here’s a couple of my favorite pages…
I can’t wait to share the book with the kids soon and see their reactions to the many animals and sister actions in the book. We’ll definitely have to spend time sharing our favorite animal scenes with each other….so I created a quick page for the kids to tell about their favorite animal hugging page and draw a picture…
You can download this writing page here
Visit Amazon.com to get your very own copy of the book or share it with your librarian and she might order it for your school library…
I can see a future powerpoint in the making so the kids can get upclose and personal with each picture as well as circle the rhyming words and talk about the adjectives that left real images in our minds. I can also see a matching center to match the letter of the alphabet with the animal and the action…not clear on this activity yet…
but it’s a thought to think upon!
Hope you have a blessedly wonderful day!

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