Friday, February 25, 2011

Healthy Heart Tips and Other Randomness

Hi, y'all!
I haven't blogged about anything since Monday...I've been kind of moody and in a weird funk lately (anyone get like that sometimes?)...and thus not been very creative lately...I have been taking pictures of activities in my classroom though...that is whenever I remember to take a pic for my little 'ole blog. are some things we have worked on this month of February...
Thanks to Brooke Perry we learned about keeping a healthy heart and had a blast doing so!
We also participated in her Valentine's Day are the cards we have received...we're going to keep them on our door for the remainder of the remind us of our new friends!
My Firsties loved exchanging cards...what a fun way to learn about other places!
And finally...I had my annual observation...a few weeks ago...(hooray!). My lesson consisted of teaching inferencing to my darling kiddos...thanks to the amazing Abby I had the most amazing lesson and got exceeds on my evaluation! Can I hear a woop, woop?!!
This is the inferencing lesson I used it is can find it here.
The sad thing is that I only took this one picture...I know sad!
Well, that's all I have for today!
Happy Friday!


Mrs. Fine said...

Congratulations -- yes, you can get a Woop, Woop! Have a wonderful weekend!

Ladybug Teacher said...

Hey Gladys, sorry to hear you're blue...I know exactly what you mean though. I just loved seeing your kids' work...the healthy heart writing was excellent! Have a lovely weekend! :)

cassandra said...

So, I was reading all of the updated blogs and I came to yours...I'm reading along and WHAM! That's my class! The top valentine/cupcake was from my class! You just made my day! My first blog appearance...I still haven't started my own blog...don't know if I would have enough to share or say. Thank you, though!

Gladys said...

Ladybug Teacher...thank you for your kind words...I'm feeling a lot better and should be up to my usual self in no time! exciting! Thank you for sending us such a lovely kiddos loved looking at the picture of your students!