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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

She Hiccupped a Snowman!

Don't you love these cute little snowmen?

My Firsties created these adorable little fellows after reading this book:
I read the book to them, then as a class we created a tree map of the different items the Cold Lady swallowed...
(forgot to take a picture of it...ughhh!!! Don't you hate when that happens?!)
Anyway, after we finished with the tree map my firsties, then had to write a reader's response to the story...and draw the "hiccuped" snowman. They loved it!
Here are some examples of their writing:

I'm so proud of them! I think they're writing is fantastic!
I love the fact that by doing this activity we are addressing a multitude of skills...we are reading, writing, and creating art...all at the same time!

Well...that was fun!
We are also working on some penguin and MLK activities...so I'll be blogging about that later this week.
Until then....toodles!

And for those lucky people enjoying snowdays...I really envy you! ♥
Have fun and enjoy!


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