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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Teacher Must Haves

I'm kind of bummed I didn't get to participate in Babbling Abby's Day 1 of Teacher Week...as I just discovered her blog. If you haven't visited her I recommend that you do...her blog is just so cute...love it! Anywho I will be participating in the Teacher Must Haves for Day 2...Here they are:

1. Mr. Sketch Markers...I just ♥ these "smelly" markers! They're perfect for writing on chart paper and drawing happy faces with...my kiddos love it when I give them a "smelly" happy face. They look so funny putting their little noses against the paper to smell the flavor...my favorite? The cherry one, of course!

2. Scotch Thermal Laminator...my husband just bought one for me recently...and I don't know how I managed to go without one all these years...I just LOVE my laminator! Needless to say I've been laminating a lot lately!
3. Sharpie Pens...♥ the way they write...perfect!

4. Cute Pointers...we use them for everything! Shared reading, read around the room, big book center, etc...both my Firsties and I love pointers...the cuter the better!

5. VistaPrint...VistaPrint is awesome for teachers who love free stuff. And who doesn't love free stuff?! With VistaPrint you can design items that will make you look like you've spent tons of money....but in reality you just pay for the shipping...the item itself is free! If you are tech savvy and knows how to use Photoshop you can create cool custom things...if you are not, don't worry they have lots of templates to make you look like a creative genius.

Okay...now that you know my must haves I hope you get to participate in Teacher Week over at Babbling Abby. Have fun!♥♥♥


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