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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Heart Mapping

My students and I have been working on launching our writing workshop the first week of school...and it has been so much fun. I began by modeling how to create a heart map--this enables students to think of writing ideas that are near and dear to their heart. We will use our heart maps very much at the beginning of the school year. These maps will help my Firsties come up with ideas to write about during our writing workshop. It is important to have them write about something that is close to their hearts...by generating writing ideas that are familiar to them they can add details to either the picture or the storyline as they see fit. I love heart mapping....and so did my kiddos.

This week I have spent a great deal modeling how to write...I believe this is so much more helpful than just telling them how to write. When I write in front of my students I help them understand the process of creating ideas, forming words, illustrating pictures that will support my words, etc. Later as the year continues not only will I model through my writing, but I will utilize mentor texts--great picture books that will inspire my Firsties to write like these awesome authors.

My students are learning that each and every day they will have time devoted to their writing during our writing workshop...by doing this I am placing great value in writing...and how important it is in our everyday lives. My writing workshop is a very special time of day...it's when budding authors create their masterpieces!

The following are examples of heart maps I found on the web...I'll be posting pictures of my students' heart mapping activity later on in the week. ♥♥♥



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