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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Classroom Peek

This summer I am being transferred to a brand new school...long story short--it didn't happen until 2 days ago! I stopped counting boxes that needed to be unpacked when I got to #42...whew! Needless to say I've had two VERY busy days! The school that I'm transferring to is a newly constructed building with a modern design...I'll show you a glimpse into my classroom...but don't think that it's finished...it isn't, not by a long shot...but here it is nonetheless. The first day of PD is Monday...then my brand new Firsties will be showing up on the 23rd...lots of things to do still....
This is what my classroom looked like when I first saw it...bare bones.

My stuff stacked up in the corner of the room...that's not even half of it!

My long white board.

Future library area.

More boxes...but not all.

Library under construction.

Computer center under construction.

Yay! No more boxes on top of the cubbies! This is where my Science, Math, and Social Studies vocabulary walls will be located.

I love my tree!

Here it is my room under construction...hopefully it will be ready to go by the time my Firsties come in...
Now that you've seen my home away from home...be sure to visit Babbling Abby...and get ready to be inspired by some awesome classrooms. ♥♥♥


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