Friday, September 12, 2014

Classroom Reveal 2014-2015

Y''s been a crazy beginning of the year. I know you know what I mean. It usually doesn't take me this long to adjust to the BTS routine...but this year it's taken me a little bit longer. Needless to say...the classroom reveal post was placed on the back burner...that is until now.

Welcome to my classroom...
This is my classroom's a little glimpse of the colors I used this year. I love the wreath a coworker made for me...and that cute little greeting was made with my Silhouette Cameo. Love it! 
As you walk into my classroom and turn to the left you will find my writing center. I use my teacher's desk as a writing student's love to sit here and write.
This is my small group I said I don't use my teacher's desk at belongs to my students...but I do have a little area behind my table that belongs to me...and a three drawer plastic storage unit under my table that helps me keep organized. The closet behind the table is the only storage in the you better believe it's full of stuff. ;) 
I love all of the borders that I used from Creative Teaching Press. This year I knew I wanted something calm and pretty...the Black & White Collection was the perfect touch for my classroom this year. 
This year I had to get creative with my calendar...I wanted something super simple and chic. Black foam board, CTP's lettersclassroom numbers (from A Cupcake for the Teacher), chalk, velcro, and about 20 minutes...are all the things I needed to create this 'lil calendar perfect for our classroom. We love it! 
I just got that shelf and those book bins this year...and I'm in love! The book bins are from Steps to Literacy and they are A.MA.ZING!! They're super sturdy and are big enough to hold everything my students need for Read to Self, including picture books and a readers' response notebook. Come back on Sunday for a fun little giveaway featuring these fabulous book bins. :) 
This is one of my favorite bulletin boards this year...I really, really like it! The best thing? I think it's going to stay up for the entire year! Yay!
Here's the 411 on the board. 
Black Fadeless Paper
Cards from Jen's Geometry: 2-D Shapes
This is another fave...this time around I used these items...
Rachel Lamb's Reading Genre Posters
This is the computer center...please excuse the hot mess under those tables...eeek! Instead look at the pretty pennant on the my quest to go for simple and pretty...I opted to hang CTP's BW Jumbo Pennants with the word "dream" on them instead of curtains. I added some green ribbon to the ends for a little more color...I totally love the way it came out. 
One of my favorite additions to my classroom this year is this fabulous Balloon Girl from Walls Need's a vinyl wall decal...and it's amazing! I absolutely adore it! Stay tuned for a fun giveaway from Walls Need Love coming soon. 
These three areas above the cubbies will soon be full of anchor charts and vocabulary words. I love having a large space to display all of the resources my students and I create throughout the year. we're pretty much back where we started. I've showed you all around my classroom...but I also want to show you the little details that make this little space a fun place to be...take a look. ;) 
I painted my old globe (that wasn't being used) with chalkboard paint...added a little bow and now it adds a touch of whimsy to our classroom library. 
This little canvas is also in our classroom library...chalkboard paint and colored chalk was all an old Home Interior painting needed to be transformed into something fun for a classroom full of 8 year olds. 
I decided to post our objectives on the side of the black shelf. I plan to type our objectives and place them inside a sheet protector, then hang them using Stikki Clips under the Objective Bulletin Board headers from Learning in Wonderland. This way all I have to do each Monday is take out the objectives for the previous week and add the ones for the current week...easy peasy. 
These little ditties were made with my Silhouette Cameo...not only can you use this fabulous little machine to create some fun home decor...teachers can use it to decorate their classrooms as well. So in love with it! 
View from the door. 
Last but not least is the outside bulletin board...half of it will be used for student work...the other half will be decorated periodically, but for now...the flowers are still up and the welcome sign still brightens my days...I think I'll keep it for a while. 

I hope everyone has a blessed 2014-2015 school year.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Meet the #TeacherBlogger

Hey y'all!
Kiddos all around the country are so excited to meet their new teacher this time of year, aren't they? So, my good friend Stephanie from Falling into First had a great idea for a linky party...
Meet the Teacher Blogger! 
Read on to find a little more about me.
I married my high school sweetheart and we have 4 beautiful babies.
If you follow me on Instagram you see pictures of this little toot often...that's only because she's a little camera hogger. 
And we all love her the big kids take pics of her often as well. ;)

This year I'll be starting my 12th year of's been an awesome ride! 
I love the way my classroom is turning out this year...a little change was in order...and these colors are just perfect for me right now. 

My little family. Coffee. Sweet Tea (I'm from Texas, y'all...sweet tea is a staple!) Mexican food. Reading. Blogging.

A marine biologist.

Creative. Loyal. Friendly.


John F. Kennedy (favorite president), Oprah, and my family of course! 

This Crazy Life

Do y'all remember...
The older sister, Piper, had the ability to freeze time. 
I sometimes think that if there were more hours in the day, I could get tons of more things accomplished...well having this power would certainly help in that department. 
Have to finish report cards by tomorrow morning...hold on...let's freeze time...and unfreeze when we're all done...problem solved! ;)


Definitely a night owl! 
It's not strange for me to go to bed way past midnight on school nights...I won't even tell you my sleeping habits during the summer. ;) 

At the moment I have two...
I love these 2 products...they're the perfect resource to introduce Close Reading to the little bitties.
Science and interactive notebooks are a focus of mine this I'm in love with these two new products. 

I was on the dance team in high school...I love dancing! 

Now it's your turn! 
I want to meet more of link up with Stephanie! 

Monday, July 28, 2014

Science Interactive Notebooks for Little Learners

Aside from the craziness of the beginning of the new year...I really do love it. 
I love its newness, the clean slate, the smell of freshly sharpened pencils, the look of pretty new backpacks and shiny new shoes. 
It's wonderful! 
The new year is just a few weeks away...and I'm taking some time to reflect on what I want to focus on this year. One of the main areas I'd like to put my energy into is interactive notebooks. I love how these notebooks keep students organized and help them understand and internalize lessons previously taught. They're a great way to promote student learning...and they become a wonderful
resource throughout the year. 

Science has always been a favorite subject...I love the hands on I thought this was the perfect subject to introduce interactive journals to some little learners. 
I have created this little packet to be an introduction to science. 
It is full of interactive pages that will help your students learn some basic science concepts. 
As the year progresses, I'll be creating additional packets that will cover a wide variety of topics from magnets to the water cycle...I've got my work cut out for me that's for sure. ;) 

I'm excited to introduce the kids to interactive notebooks...I hope they'll love them as much as I do! 

Do you use interactive notebooks with your students? 
I'd love to hear more about it! 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wish List Wednesday

Hey y'all!
Once again I'm linking up with the lovely ladies over at Owl-ways Be Inspired for
I know that it's still summer...and that most of us are trying to wrap our heads around organizing for back to school or classroom decorating. But, if you ask's never too early to start planning for this special day. My kiddos and I love the 100th day of school...and it's always a big deal in my classroom! 
We always use Hooray for the 100th Day to help us celebrate. 

Today I'll be hosting a giveaway both here on the blog and on my Facebook page...this means you'll have double the chances to win! 
Just leave a sweet comment with your email addy if you'd like to enter here...then hop onto my FB page and do the same...easy peasy, lemon squeezy! ;)
I'll randomly select 2 winners on Friday, July 18th.

If you're not the giveaway worries...this 'lil unit will be on sale for 20% off until Friday.

Don't forget to stop by Owl-ways Be Inspired to snag those other Owl goodies.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

For the Love of Books: The Trashy Crafter's Story

Y'all know how much I love books...especially children's books...there's just something so refreshing about reading kidlit. I love it! So...when Kim contacted me and shared her story with me I knew she had to stop by the blog and share it with you all as well! I hope y'all sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee while you read all about Kim's passion and love for books.


Welcome, Kim!!
Books are magical, they give you the ability to go on a jungle safari one minute and a deep see dive with mermaids the next, but what happens when books have gotten lots of love from years of use? The pages get creased, dog-eared and ripped, they bend or even start to fall off.  That’s where my Mom Helen and I come in, and this is where the story of Trashy Crafter begins. 
My name's Kim, and I have pretty much been a crafter since I was old enough to hold scissors in my hand and not eat the Elmer’s glue.  As a little girl I would come home from school each day, and as long as my homework was done I could create crafts all afternoon at my Grandmas house until my Mom and Dad came to pick my sister and I up after work.  My Grandma made beautiful crafts and sold at lots of holiday craft shows, crafting ran in my blood and it was bound to become a part of my life some way or another.
One day when I was in my senior year of college my Mom and I went to the local thrift store. While there we noticed they had these auction bins out front of the store full of damaged and outdated books.  We found out that when books would not sell at the thrift store due to being damaged or outdated, they auctioned them off, and if the folks sifting through the auction bins thought they could not sell the book or it was too damaged it was just thrown away. 
 Needless to say my Mom and I were heartbroken that all those beautifully illustrated children’s books were just thrown away…so we grabbed about 25 books each in our arms and took them home. I was really busy with school at the time, so the books sat in the corner of my room for about 3 months.  I was trying to think of a useful thing to turn the books into when it hit me!  I was very lucky to have a 3rd grade teacher that was very crafty, her name was Mrs. Bryant.  She had taught us how to roll magazines pages into paper beads (I’m sure many of you have done this in girl scouts or grade school).  I made my first few beads and knew from then on, I was hooked, the most magical part about it is that you not only create beautiful, colorful unique beads made from something that was going to be thrown into a landfill, but you know what book or item it was made from!
Everyone has stories, and connects with them so well, the reason we continue to create recycled book beads, map beads and sheet music beads is that when people purchase a set at a local craft show or online they have a story behind what they wear. Perhaps they went on a road trip across the country, and that map bead bracelet they wear reminds them of the fun they had, or they had a band teacher that taught them to play an instrument, so they give them a sheet music bracelet as a token of appreciation…or even a gift for a mom or teacher that read you a book as a child that connected with you and stayed in your memory to this day.  As humans we all connect universally with stories, and it’s a beautiful thing to throw away, so my Mom and I plan on fighting the good fight and continuing to turn old books into beautiful, wearable works of art.

Our Process:
My Mom Helen and I gather the books from a lot of different places, sometimes we find them in cardboard boxes outside of libraries, in thrift stores on the clearance shelf or in the bins, and even get books, maps or sheet music donated from folks that love and support our mission. Once we gather all of the books we measure and hand cut the book pages into long narrow triangle strips and roll them one at a time onto lollipop sticks.  Once they are on there we coat each bead 3-5 times depending on the thickness of the paper.  Once that is done we spray them with a matte finish and then we start to make them into the finished jewelry. We purchase damaged necklaces and bracelets from the local thrift store and strip them apart to repurpose the beads. We create the jewelry with a mixture of the paper book page beads we made along with the repurposed beads. Once that is finished, we hand cut recycled cardboard bracelet holders and place the book labeling on to each set so folks know what book their bracelets were made from J


Thank you Kim for recycling those precious books and transforming them into something beautiful!

If you want to learn more about Kim and her amazing can visit her websites...I'm sure you'll find tons of inspiration.